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a soft-nosed small-arms bullet that expands when it hits a target and causes a gaping wound

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Tenders are invited for Supply, delivery,Storage, erection, Commissioning,trail run and performance guarantee test of the submersible pump-motor set along with all essential electro -mechanical equipments at the DumDum Park Strom water drainage pumping station
Sikdar, first contested and won from the Dumdum constituency in 1998 with a margin of 139,000 votes and then in 1999 with a margin of 136,000 votes.
dummy dum dummy dum dummy dummy dum dummy dum dummy dummy dum dum dumdum dummy dummy dum dummy
The SA80 was found with two sawn-off shotguns, another rifle and ammunition including dumdum bullets, which are banned under the Geneva Convention, which disintegrate on impact to cause maximum injury.
They raided his house in Lambeth, South London, and found seven cartridges and three dumdum bullets.
Local sources said that Ahmed Jarbou, 23, from Jenin camp was struck by a dumdum silent bullet while working in the governmental hospital of Martyr Khalil Sulaiman, as a dustman, when clashes broke out around the hospital.
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Shortly before his arrest, Gibbs threw away a bag which was later found to contain another pistol, loaded and ready to be fired with deadly dumdum bullets.
The motives of his work alluded to the heroism of Kurdish horsemen, protectors of the Dumdum Citadel.
ANSWERS: 1 Germany; 2 Sandhurst; 3 Home to the Lord Mayor of London; 4 A woodwind instrument similar to the oboe; 5 The dumdum expanding bullet; 6 The Dresser; 7 Australia; 8 Anthony Trollope; 9 Lightning flash; 10 Two.
The train was running from northern Dumdum Station to southern Central Station and derailed at the Mahatma Gandhi station.
Taqou mayor Tayseer Abu Mfrah told WAFA that Israeli forces shot 18-year-old Mohammad al-badan in his abdomen with dumdum bullets, which is designed to expand on impact to produce a larger diameter wound, causing him an internal bleeding and fracturing his pelvic.
UK Border Force officers also discovered 9kg of skunk cannabis and held a traveller after 100 highpowered dumdum bullets were found in his bag.
I planned my trip to Kashmir just to see this garden," said Somnath Das from Dumdum in Kolkata.
One was shot in the bladder and the other was hit by a dumdum bullet in the chest.