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a small elevator used to convey food (or other goods) from one floor of a building to another

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As examples, all of the vital pillars holding up the house are five-inch diameter, thick-walled steel oil field pipes, the solar hot water panels and dumbwaiter are used, and the windows were the result of a misplaced order at a nearby ski resort.
Phase I owners can also choose a dumbwaiter as an alternative in the same space to the kitchen level.
Soon bad things begin to happen: a gargoyle almost falls on Nick, a dumbwaiter almost smashes into Mog's head, and their governess, who was trying to help them, is found hanged in her room.
This allows workers in the cellar to easily track an order and send the bottles up through a dumbwaiter.
A cupboard houses the dumbwaiter which services both the first floor sitting room and bedroom.
I made this portrait as he discussed the vast scale of the ornate housing for a dumbwaiter that stands before him.
The lights will also be linked to a master panel, there will a dumbwaiter for sending things up and down - and special windows that open inwards for easy cleaning without vertigo.
The bank's controlling shareholder, Harlan Lane, even installed a dumbwaiter, or a mini service elevator, that delivered food and beverages from the kitchen on the 21st floor down to the executive level on the 17th.
A young woman is killed while working in a fancy English hotel when she takes a dare and gets into a dumbwaiter on the top floor and crashes to the basement.
The plaintiff's complaint, motion in limine, general trial brief, and special trial brief on the Missouri statute of repose in a case alleging failure to install safety equipment in a dumbwaiter assembly.
The Early Show's" digs, which reportedly cost between $20 million and $30 million, include a full kitchen and dumbwaiter for cooking segments by the likes of contributor Martha Stewart.
As a sign of Shandurai's vulnerability and lack of privacy, her closet is a dumbwaiter, on cords (like his chords?
The home's living quarters are connected by the central staircase and a dumbwaiter, which Kinsky uses to send Shandurai cryptic messages and gifts.
From an Associated Press story datelined Little Rock, Arkansas: "Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, targeted in recent protests by poor people and the wheelchair-bound, scrapped plans Wednesday for an escape route that would have had him climbing down a wooden ladder in an old state capitol dumbwaiter shaft.
It was full of his renovations--the calendar clock in the hall, the dumbwaiter in the dining room, and automatic doors.