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a small elevator used to convey food (or other goods) from one floor of a building to another

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A cupboard houses the dumbwaiter which services both the first floor sitting room and bedroom.
A young woman is killed while working in a fancy English hotel when she takes a dare and gets into a dumbwaiter on the top floor and crashes to the basement.
LSCO currently is applying for an elevator and dumbwaiter license.
You spend months choosing where to go, carefully checking that every disability facility is available--and when you get there (assuming the airline hasn't lost your wheelchair in transit), you find half a dozen steps up to the front door, the lift is the size of an old-fashioned dumbwaiter, and--if you ever get to your room--your wheelchair won't fit through the en suite bathroom door, despite the fact that the staff personally checked it for you when you made your reservation.
The home's living quarters are connected by the central staircase and a dumbwaiter, which Kinsky uses to send Shandurai cryptic messages and gifts.
From an Associated Press story datelined Little Rock, Arkansas: "Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, targeted in recent protests by poor people and the wheelchair-bound, scrapped plans Wednesday for an escape route that would have had him climbing down a wooden ladder in an old state capitol dumbwaiter shaft.
The interior celebrates history but doesn't neglect modern amenities: for example, a new dumbwaiter brings groceries from the garage directly to the kitchen pantry.
TheDumbWaiter is a two-character play set in the basement of an old rooming house, connected to the rooms above by a dumbwaiter and an intercom.
Moving quickly but gingerly, a crew of heavily outfitted drillers coaxes a long icicle from its container and hurries the glistening prize to a dumbwaiter.
When an order for a Chinese meal is sent to them on the dumbwaiter, they assume that their room was once a restaurant.
Tenders are invited for Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Of Dumbwaiter in connection with Maintenance Operation electrical installation And Fans And Kitchen Equipments In Pmo, South Block, New Delhi.
The auction also includes English portrait miniatures, colorless glass, American paintings, a Regency cellarette, a George III dumbwaiter, a Warren Platner bronze lounge chair, curtain tie-backs, a goose-neck copper kettle.
Their team set up a temporary store for Louis Vuitton to operate in, and then proceeded to remove the old elevator system while adding in a new dumbwaiter for employees to access the store's Asset Protection Area.
The George II mahogany dumbwaiter was only discovered when the house owners cleared out rubbish before moving house.
85 million, the buyer will get seven bedrooms, an au pair suite, an office, stained glass windows and dumbwaiter - but not the chandelier in the master bedroom, which she's taking with her.