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Synonyms for dumbstruck

as if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise

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Via these updates, the Dumbstruck app has been given a complete camera redesign and the ability to upload photos and videos to the platform from the camera roll (useful for sending after a moment has passed).
A revolution in technology and shared experience, Dumbstruck bridges the gap between offline and online communication.
MARTIN KAYMER was star-struck yesterday morning when he got to meet one of his Hollywood heroes then dumbstruck in the afternoon when a bogey on the last robbed him of a golden chance to pile the pressure on leader John Parry.
Now I appreciate this will render lots of people totally dumbstruck.
Far better it would have been for the tabloids to have been dumbstruck by the worst of human tragedies than provide a platform to all the righteous preaching over still smoking ashes.
Craggs's revelation that pounds 1m is "not enough to retire on" was probably not quite what Hills were hoping he'd say to the assembled media as he sheepishly occupied the limelight, although his refusal to play the part of dumbstruck new millionaire certainly quashed the theory proffered by uber-cynical observers that this was all a big get-up.
The article, "Contingency Plans" (June 2007) left me dumbstruck.
Award presenter Bruce Willis remembered being dumbstruck for days by Pacino's performance in ``The Godfather.
A pair of armed muggers were left dumbstruck and doubled over when they picked on a Midland junior martial art master.
Mike, an all-rounder who plays cricket for Gloucestershire Under-15s, said: ``I was just amazed and dumbstruck - it was a total and utter surprise for me
The doctor ordered Tighe to the hospital, and Mulvaney is dumbstruck to see Tighe crippling and crumbling at every step.
If this were an art show, viewers would be struck by the otherworldy beauty and dumbstruck by the subjects: for instance, filamentous actin and microtubules in mouse fibroblasts.
I was dumbstruck when I read that "Catholics reenact.
Two present-day Cherokees, hunting deer in the Magdalena Mountains, where Geronimo and his fellow Apaches once inspired waves of fear, watch dumbstruck as a man plummets from the sky and dies, impaled on a tree.
After dinner in the Hotel Rossiya dining room, we walked across the street to Red Square and stood dumbstruck by the sights: the Kremlin, Lenin's tomb, St.