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Synonyms for dumbness

the avoidance of speech

Synonyms for dumbness

the quality of being mentally slow and limited

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Director Bowab clearly knows what he's up against, and his approach is to flaunt the dumbness of ``Blondes'' rather than evade it.
The first of her new American Pie series (BBC1), a reminder of just where Louis Thoreaux gets his act from, she was on wicked form, allowing characters like Madusa and Strawberry Fields to slam themselves on the canvas of their own dumbness while delivering acerbic forearm smashes they didn't even know had hit them.
Now Lisa has taken dumbness to an all-time low as empty-headed Michele in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.
The comic-drama of this man who is teased for being a tight-ass, "a self-righteous goody two-shoes," feels like the enactment of an old, old moment in the history of mutual human dumbness.
For beneath their frivolity, with the exception of the out-and-out enjoyable dumbness of Britain's Sexiest, were well executed dissections of contemporary popular culture.
I say it's time we admit our dumbness and celebrate our dumbness and enjoy our dumbness.
It could have been the show's mascot or some sort of wisecracking commentary, but much like the rest of the work, it presents a surface of cheerful dumbness that gives way to the growing suspicion that it's not as dumb--nor as mute, nor as happy-go-lucky--as it first seems.
Sven Goran Eriksson was always on dodgy ground for being foreign, paid too much, ice-cool and lacking the fawning dumbness to stay in his job until we crucify him and then ditch him with the contempt all England managers deserve.
Part of the English dumbness about Welsh is explained by the fact that the (Welsh) language is a continuous reproach,'' says Mr Williams.
Difficulty, dumbness, and the overt use of cliche, one of Ashbery's favorite devices, share their refusal of the established literary standard and ultimately provoke a richer poetry on the other side of outrage.
They went one step further in terms of dumbness,'' says Sonnenfeld, director of such previous hits as the ``Men in Black,'' ``Get Shorty'' and the ``Addams Family'' movies.
Jayawardene was later out for 28 and Channel Four anchorman Mark Nicholas, the former Hampshire and England A captain, said: "As dumbness goes, it's right up there - it's elementary schoolboy stuff.
Services are conducted here regularly, attended by the local faithful and others seeking cures for anything to deafness, dumbness and being badly crippled.
She's really ditzy and uses her looks to make up for her dumbness.
Where they might seem to flirt with blankness, they do so as much to recall and tap into photography's other history as a medium for scientific experiment, observation, and record as to shine a light on some consumerist aesthetic of dumbness.