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Synonyms for dumbfounding

bewildering or striking dumb with wonder

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The result is an unreal atmosphere that is both dumbfounding and paralyzing: If our leader is indeed capable of rape and left in office - if our leader is credibly charged with rape and never makes a full accounting of himself what sort of moral order in America is possible?
Given radical changes in the post-Soviet security environment," he writes, "the absence of any deeper debate over the long-range meaning and military demands of our national security is remarkable, if not dumbfounding," Hart says.
The Chargers' dream season ended Saturday night in overtime to the New York Jets 20-17, a first-round playoff game that was equal parts thrilling and dumbfounding.
Here, we talk with Young, who was in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium with the ``Greendale'' show Tuesday night, about the delights that come with dumbfounding people, his favorite movies and whether we'll be hearing from the Greens any time in the near future.