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Synonyms for dumbfounding

bewildering or striking dumb with wonder

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The result is an unreal atmosphere that is both dumbfounding and paralyzing: If our leader is indeed capable of rape and left in office - if our leader is credibly charged with rape and never makes a full accounting of himself what sort of moral order in America is possible?
Given radical changes in the post-Soviet security environment," he writes, "the absence of any deeper debate over the long-range meaning and military demands of our national security is remarkable, if not dumbfounding," Hart says.
This and The Dumbfounding (1966) were collected as Winter Sun/The Dumbfounding: Poems 1940-1966 (1982).
The Chargers' dream season ended Saturday night in overtime to the New York Jets 20-17, a first-round playoff game that was equal parts thrilling and dumbfounding.
Here, we talk with Young, who was in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium with the ``Greendale'' show Tuesday night, about the delights that come with dumbfounding people, his favorite movies and whether we'll be hearing from the Greens any time in the near future.