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Synonyms for dumbbell

Synonyms for dumbbell

an exercising weight

an ignorant or foolish person

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He was still drunk when he foolishly took the dumbbell with him to the house later after being wrongly accused of taking cash.
Actually, the dumbbell argument does not add significantly to our original midpoint argument, except that we may well now be convinced from our physical understanding that the balance point of the quadrilateral is unique.
Lift dumbbells one at a time above your head from a standing position.
Participants sat at the preacher's bench with their elbow fully flexed holding the dumbbell with their wrist strapped and connected to the force transducer.
Raise a plate, dumbbell or medicine ball above the head, then bend at the knees with back straight in a natural arch (no rounding of the back that will place too much stress on the lower back) and bring the object through both legs (almost like hiking a football), then stand up and hold the object with outstretched arms at chest level and twist from left to right.
Sit toward the front of the chair with feet flat on the floor, one dumbbell in each hand, with forearms extended straight down at your aides, palms facing your thighs.
Johnny's Simple Dumbbell Workout, by competitive body builder Johnny Aliotti, is a no-nonsense fitness guide that walks the reader through a healthy exercise routine involving dumbbells, with simple instructions and black-and-white photographs.
That said, the set includes two lightweight dumbbell bars, which, unlike men's, are padded with durable foam to protect skin and prevent callusing.
In the three-dimensional version of the dumbbell, depending on the initial geometry, the weights may predominate, growing rounder and rounder while the bar stretches into a long, thin neck.
Stand on one foot while holding a dumbbell at shoulder level in the hand opposite the leg you're standing on.
Results of ARDL's micro dumbbell did, unfortunately, not match those on Die C samples because of clamping; confinement does not allow the use of extensometers.
Any dumbbell, nitwit or crook can call himself a public relations practitioner.
Step One: Grip firmly a three-pound dumbbell in the playing-arm hand and then place the forearm, palm down, on a firm surface of books or cushions, with the wrist positioned at the edge so that the hand gripping the dumbbell hangs free.