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And Rani's dazzling array of dumbass questions: "What happens if you see a fault on the tyres?
Meet Noora Naraghi, recent winner of Iran's first-ever female championship in 'motocross', an all-terrain motorbike sport derived from the words "motorcycle" and "cross country", dubbed by Foreign Policy magazine as an "example of human ingenuity in dealing with dumbass governments.
When the economy tanks, it's not just dumbass comedies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop that do surprisingly well.
And there was fuckin' Pete, out walking like some kind of dumbass without a coat even.
This week our resident genius came across like Essex's answer to Braveheart - Dumbass, anyone?
Anyways, you always say/said anyways, you Always said nekkid too like the dumbass Texian kid you were Except when y'all faked foreign.
Because life ain't no minor, it's you who's an infantile dumbass.
Geeta Jakhu To the stupid ignorant person who made the comment about the lads being freeloaders and should have been in their own country: You're such a dumbass to make such a remark.
I knew from that moment that I was now hurt and can't use that dumbass excuse that skating could ruin my scholarship chances.
After a heated debate, the group decides to remove a crucial "as long as you're not a dumbass about it" caveat to the amendment.
Every year of your life, the year before, you were such a dumbass.
The choices are so arbitrary that surely it's more likely they were recommended to him by some highly respected thinker at a gala society event, leaving Dubya sheepishly forced to accept for fear of being shown up for a dumbass frat-boy.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I didn't run into anyone who was openly horrified by our current GOP-controlled government's spendaholic ways and enthusiastic "nation building," since they're more likely to be found sitting at home cursing the TV than attending some dumbass "rally.
Again, as in Henson's almost too blatant parallel between the superficial spoils of the privileged and the ruined internal lives of the young and disenfranchised, his aggressive cuts and reassemblages bordered dangerously on a dumbass, obvious way of signifying his subjects' interpersonal agonies; yet some depth of understanding and level of finesse at which the reproductions could only hint left an almost addictive longing to search out these pictures and deconstruct their effect.