dumb bomb

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a bomb that falls because of gravity and is not guided to a target


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Several years ago, Little was charged with coming up with finding a contractor and a contract to create something that could make dumb bombs smart.
Its accuracy will cut the collateral damage dumb bombs cause.
Thanks to bomb builders and armament Airmen, old, dumb bombs are getting smart.
In 1999, during Operation ALLIED FORCE over Serbia, the Air Force first employed the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM), which applied radio-controlled flight surfaces to dumb bombs to make them "smart.
They supply other Herley facilities with the electronics that permit dumb bombs to become smart bombs, driver circuitry for multi-throw switches and most notably, the intelligence for the Sensor Fused Weapon (SFW).
The structure had defied destruction after many unsuccessful attacks because of the difficulty of destroying a reinforced, pinpoint target with dumb bombs.
Actually in Vietnam, after we had spent many years trying to drop the bridges outside Hanoi with F-105s and F-4s and dumb bombs, we lost 15 or more F-105s plus other kinds of airplanes trying to drop those bridges.
The major problem in terms of civilian causalities, she explained further, arises far after the dumb bombs, including cluster bombs, are dropped.
In 1991 in the Gulf, barely 10 per cent of the weaponry used was precision- guided, the rest were dumb bombs.
military employs space systems, aircraft, aircraft systems, land systems, ships, smart weapons, dumb bombs, naval combat systems, missiles, nuclear systems, missile defense, and intelligence systems.
A majority of their strikes have been using dumb bombs, gravity bombs that, you know, are unguided and very unsophisticated," he revealed.
For example, in producing the joint direct attack munition guidance kits for 1,000- and 2,000-pound dumb bombs to turn them into precision-guided weapons, we were able to assist the PM and Boeing in ramping up from 700 kits a month to over 2,000 kits a month in the space of about a year.
Payload: Air-to-air missiles, anti-ship missiles, anti-radar missiles, laser-guided bombs, smart bombs and dumb bombs.
We are seriously considering upgrading 146 dumb bombs with conversion kits costing $350,000 apiece.
bombs, not the PGMs that were to be employed, because bringing the PGMs up from below would have consumed too much time and there happened to be some dumb bombs lying about the carrier decks.