dumb bomb

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a bomb that falls because of gravity and is not guided to a target


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From the early days of air power, air forces around the world have sought ways to increase the accuracy and lethality of air-delivered ordnance, but it was not until advances in microchip technology that air forces were able to use precision guidance kits which could be attached to dumb bombs.
Several years ago, Little was charged with coming up with finding a contractor and a contract to create something that could make dumb bombs smart.
Its accuracy will cut the collateral damage dumb bombs cause.
We are moving away from dumb bombs as much as possible," Captain Wirt said, "The systems that are on our F-18s right now are very accurate for dropping dumb bombs.
The IAF jets put several different types of munitions to use during the exercise, ranging from dumb bombs to Jdams(GPS guided bombs), and other accurate munitions.
The smart bomb is much desired because it hits the target and thus avoids a good deal of the much deplored collateral damage, but it is much more expensive than the old dumb bombs of WW11.
Players can also have some unlockables like JDAM Bombs that can be deployed as dumb bombs and with laser-designated targets.
The availability of PGMs created in military theorists and authorities the hope that smart bombs could work to demoralize civilian populations where dumb bombs failed.
For since 1991, the US has been manufacturing "just about all [of its] bullets, tank shells, missiles, dumb bombs, smart bombs, and 500- and 2000-pound bombs, and everything else engineered to help our side in the war of Us against Them, [with] depleted uranium in it.
Thanks to bomb builders and armament Airmen, old, dumb bombs are getting smart.
In 1999, during Operation ALLIED FORCE over Serbia, the Air Force first employed the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM), which applied radio-controlled flight surfaces to dumb bombs to make them "smart.
Back when I was dropping dumb bombs during Desert Storm, we would run a package of 20 to 24 F-16s to go after a single target with several impact points that we were trying to hit.
The structure had defied destruction after many unsuccessful attacks because of the difficulty of destroying a reinforced, pinpoint target with dumb bombs.
It's ironic that a government that can build smart bombs to find and destroy an enemy with surgical precision can drop the mother of all dumb bombs on its own medical community.
Actually in Vietnam, after we had spent many years trying to drop the bridges outside Hanoi with F-105s and F-4s and dumb bombs, we lost 15 or more F-105s plus other kinds of airplanes trying to drop those bridges.