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a woman who is a man's sweetheart

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Consumers also walk away with company facts in the form of tear-off informational pieces that provide the concept of Dulcinea, product nutrition facts and pronunciation of the company's name to build brand awareness, says Goldthwaite.
When the sad-faced knight resolves in the Sierra Morena to imitate the crazy actions of the love-lorn Amadis in order for Sancho to be able to report his love distraction to Dulcinea, the squire asks his master why he should do such things?
Another parallel might be Quixote's romantic dedication to Dulcinea.
And he names the other characters and makes fun of him: His ideal lady, Dulcinea del Toboso, is really a peasant girl who bellows and smells of garlic: Aldonza Lorenzo.
amada Dulcinea de la magnitud de su penitencia en Sierra Morena:
She was a captivating Dulcinea all the same, rebuffing the aged Don's advances with gentle, heart-breaking grace and silken melody.
Other composers have used similar theatrical techniques to explore the interaction between reality and fantasy/idealism in the mind of the demented knight: one example is Robert Gerhard's 1940 ballet Don Quijote (skillfully studied here by Leticia Sanchez de Andres), in which Sancho Panza and Dulcinea are confined to separate tableaux at the sides of the stage, projections respectively of earthiness and sublimity.
DULCINEA LARA is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at New Mexico State University.
BASED DULCINEA FARMS is introducing several unique melons to the marketplace.
Dulcinea shares physical and psychological elements derived from Oriana, Angelica, Helen (through Giulio Romano), Lucretia (through Titian), and Aldonza Lorenzo.
Nadia Ahern lays on the ice as the tavern wench Aldonza, mistaken by Quixote for the fair Dulcinea.
But after being cleared of any blame yesterday, Mr Hayward, who has a Thai daughter from his ex-girlfriend and a Ghanan partner Dulcinea Bala, said: 'I am still shocked that I was accused of this, but I am mighty relieved to have cleared my name.
Thalidomide increases thrombin generation in multiple myeloma patints Abstract ID: 7602 Dulcinea Candelaria, University of New Mexico, USA Poster #X3 Time: June 2, 2006; 8:00 a.
Shulamith Hareven, "Alimut," in The Dulcinea Syndrome, Keter, 1981, 221-231.
Of special interest will be an all-duet program and an excerpt from Balanchine's long unseen Don Quixote, which Farrell, who was the Dulcinea of the choreographer's dreams, will revive complete in 2005.