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a stringed instrument used in American folk music

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a trapezoidal zither whose metal strings are struck with light hammers

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Among her publications were A Garland of Mountain Song (1953), Singing Family of the Cumberlands (1955), The Dulcimer Book (1964), Jean Ritchie's Swapping Song Book (1964), Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians (1965), and Jean Ritchie's Dulcimer People (1975).
The book begins with a clear, interesting introduction by the editors providing the details of Grimes' life and the genesis and development of her folk song and dulcimer collecting passion.
Indeed, the traditional yangqin's shape, diatonic tuning, and long hammers held between thumb and index finger suggest a provenance from the hammered dulcimers of Europe, rather than the Persian santir.
The bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy or dulcimer have at several periods won the favour of composers of classical music and then moved back into the folk sphere.
Under the shade of canvas tents or trees with the university's Swan Lake nearby, teachers led workshops in instruments including the mandolin, dulcimer, banjo, guitar, harp and fiddle.
The program allows participants to actively engage in creating music with lap and handheld instruments, including lap harps, dulcimers and percussion instruments.
A short drive from Short's studio, Ron Cook handcrafts reproductions of rare, historic musical instruments like mountain dulcimers, hog-nosed psalteries, and medieval fiddles.
The score to the silent movie The Cabinet of Dr Caligari is the first ever feature film soundtrack that has been designed, composed and performed on specially-designed hammered dulcimers.
Aside from pieces with vocals, this trio uses whistles, flutes, dulcimers, bodhrans, a variety of drums, fiddles, and small pipes.
The Appalachian, or Mountain, dulcimer is a musical instrument developed in the United States in the 1800s from dulcimers brought to America by European immigrants.
After building 500 dulcimers in 19 years, I quit counting," she said.
Customs and Border Protection agents seized four miniature dulcimers (called santurs in Persian) that a relative in Iran had sent to Professor Sadeghi.
On Thursday the musical tone will turn to neo-impressionist flutes, homemade dulcimers and earthen electronics and the work of Isnaj Dui, and Friday sees a live set on BassComputer, presented by Kasper T Toeplitz.
watch folks make baskets, grain shovels from a solid piece of poplar, spin yarn, weave shawls, make corn husk dolls, hook rugs, make saddles and mountain dulcimers and other mountain crafts.