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a stringed instrument used in American folk music

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a trapezoidal zither whose metal strings are struck with light hammers

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Jean was absolutely crucial to the popularity of the mountain dulcimer in the United States, especially outside its stronghold in the Appalachian region.
The North Mississippi Dulcimer Association will present programs of dulcimer music at the Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor Center, milepost 266 near Tupelo.
THE ROLLING STONES "Yeah" says Mick talking about Brian He played the sitar, dulcimer And many more musical instruments Mick's saying in Hyde Park about Brian's death Quoting Shelleys, worms, maggots Billy Wyman the quiet one Keith on guitar, Charlie Watts Mick adds the violence in his music Jumping around with their rather tinny sound Which is great KEVIN BROWN.
Inspired by their backgrounds in Celtic folk traditions, Lucy's intricate vocal style is accompanied by skilful playing on guitar, ukulele and Appalachian dulcimer.
She began playing dulcimer and singing at the age of four.
Taking their name from the legend of the Laidley Worm of Spindlestone Heugh near Bamburgh, the trio play mandolins, small pipes, accordion, fiddle, whistle, guitars, electric bass, harp and dulcimer, and put a strong focus on the songs and melodies of the North East.
Mumbai-based animation and visual effects training company Frameboxx, for instance, has entered into a tie-up with Sachdeva College , while the local unit of Canadian Dulcimer Technologies is in the intial phase of negotiations with GCRG Lucknow.
The book begins with a clear, interesting introduction by the editors providing the details of Grimes' life and the genesis and development of her folk song and dulcimer collecting passion.
In association with BBC Radio Wales, the first night takes place at Dulcimer in Chorlton on October 30.
Now fronted by Steve Hogarth, the band play smaller venues but are just as innovative, introducing instruments like the dulcimer and glockenspiel.
Not that the renowned hammered dulcimer player deserves all the credit,.
In this second edition publication Smith (author of Folk Songs of Old Virginia and Greenwich Village: The Happy Folk Singing Days, 1950s and 1960s) closely follows the history of the Appalachian dulcimer from European origin, American re-invention, near extinction to revival, and its current prominent place in Southern music.
The concert saw Malcolm Dalglish, noted American hammer dulcimer player joining hands with santoor player Abhay Rustum Sopori, and tabla player and percussionist Sarit Das, coming together for a scintillating instrumental music performance, which left the audience oblivious to the sweltering humidity in the openair amphitheatre.
The Kutztown Folk Festival is one of the few places where prospective buyers can try out a dulcimer.
Soon some of the visitors watching them spinning barefoot and playing the dulcimer informed them that they had lived on the farm as children and certainly were not allowed to walk barefoot, nor did they spin or play the dulcimer.