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Synonyms for dukedom

the dignity or rank or position of a duke

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the domain controlled by a duke or duchess


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The Dukedoms were formed especially to take part in the event, and feature three members of The Exiles, as well as two other members.
We have to get rid of national dukedoms," said the EPP-ED co-ordinator for the European Parliament's economic and monetary affairs committee.
In fact, they had dukedoms, respectively Devonshire, Cumberland, Grafton, Portland and Westminster.
The existence of dukedoms and principalities around Europe meant that the regions flourished as centres of art,learning, commerce and government.
The time for dukedoms, royal or otherwise seems to have passed," he said.
Thus history of philosophy, as conceived by Besnier, appears as a somewhat decentralized realm, but still one that has not broken into separate and warning dukedoms.
The acerbic Lapham described PBS as "the Holy Roman Empire during the last years of its decaying hegemony - 351 petty states and dukedoms, each with its own flag, court chamberlain and trumpet fanfare.
In fact, the newspaper is more like a collection of small dukedoms, each fiercely defending its independence.
Look George, grandmama has got you some Duplo and the Dukedoms of Cumberland and Teviotdale
It is one of Britain's richest and grandest dukedoms, with a vast estate that includes Alnwick Castle, movie setting for Harry Potter's wizard school - Hogwarts, the Sun reported.
His sons have no royal Dukedoms as yet so they can only use their father's title.
The dukedoms of Burgundy, Anjou and Berry effectively became satellite states, each with its own administration, civil service and law courts.
There were plenty of Dukedoms available and they could have received various titles.
Look George, greatgrandmama has got you some Duplo and the Dukedoms of Cumberland and Teviotdale