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Synonyms for dukedom

the dignity or rank or position of a duke

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the domain controlled by a duke or duchess


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Patinkin's Prospero asked for his dukedom from Antonio with a bowed head, not forcing it.
For him, his "library / Was dukedom large enough" (1.
She began life as an 'oyster wench brought up in the slums of London' and before she died, aged 38, she produced a son by the King who was given the dukedom of St Albans.
The original Robert Hamer film starred Dennis Price as the black sheep of a noble family who sets about murdering the 10 relatives (eight of them played by Alec Guinness) standing between him and a dukedom.
Beatrice's husband, Filippo, who married her to get the dukedom of Milan, is now mainly interested in one Agnese dei Maino.
Prospero, the great magician, with every reason to seek revenge, calls up a storm to wreck the ship carrying the enemies who, twelve years prior, had exiled him to this island with Miranda, his 3-year-old daughter, thus robbing him of his dukedom.
As the Renaissance began in Tuscany, sericulture took hold in the dukedom of Milan, to which Como belonged.
The ill-fated Ottheinrich, who in 1546 lost his dukedom and went into exile for religious reasons, is brought into this discussion on the grounds of his familial and confessional links with Philipp Ludwig, and his patronage of a similarly decorated palace in Heidelberg, the Ottheinrichbau.
As the youngest son, Somerset isn't in line to inherit the dukedom.
It was founded in the twelfth century when Styria became a self-governing Dukedom under the Emperor, and it was for periods in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the imperial residence and capital of Inner Austria.
The exiled duke Prospero, now in charge, releases him magically and engages his services in thwarting Prospero's enemies, cultivating romance for his daughter, Miranda, and regaining his dukedom.
Augustus's elder brother Moritz inherited the dukedom on Henry's death, but he and Augustus remained friends.
Convinced at last that Antonio and Alonso have repented of the wrongs they have done him Prospero has them brought to his cell, where he reveals his identity and reclaims his dukedom.
Rosalind's father is restored to his dukedom when Duke Frederick is converted by a monk and decides to enter a monastery.
In "The Tempest," Prospero observes: "My library was dukedom large enough.