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Synonyms for dukedom

the dignity or rank or position of a duke

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the domain controlled by a duke or duchess


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Only as a pedestrian can you see how this dukedom has reinvented itself since the architectural civil war in the 1960s which saw the death and destruction of thousands of decent buildings and the ultimate victory for the ring road from hell.
A Dukedom spokesman said: "The Uptons building is currently being marketed and we are considering a number of options, one of which is a mixed retail development.
Neither was he impressed by the announcement that Prince Edward will be given the Dukedom of Edinburgh after his father's death.
The Dukedom Group runs several Teesside pubs including Middlesbrough's Royal Exchange.
And although Veazey enjoys support from main sponsors Vodka Kick and the Dukedom pub chain, his team are searching for further backers to help with the cost.
After Macadamia's victory he reflected on his two lengthy spells learning the trade in major yards, and said: "After I'd been at David Nicholson's he acquired a dukedom and then Michael Stoute was given a knighthood
In Kind Hearts And Coronets (1949), Dennis Price plays the outcast heir to the D'Ascoyne dukedom, who murders his way through his relatives to achieve his rightful place.
As the youngest son, Somerset isnt in line to inherit the dukedom.
David Gaine, operations director for the Dukedom Group which owns the Royal Exchange, said: "We take it very seriously and have put restrictions in place which are working.
Such selflessness surely deserves, at the very least, a Dukedom.
If it was up to me it would have been a dukedom at least.
The same year, she met Ian Campbell, the man she was to marry four years later after he had inherited the Dukedom of Argyll.
Sir" Rudy's demeanour and behaviour have been so outstanding - and his promotion of the Big A so successful - I wonder that Blair, via HM, hasn't given him a Dukedom.
THEY can call Princess Anne what they like - and I have - but if she does become Princess Lyon or whatever pretendy wee title her mother dreams up for her, it no more makes her Queen of Scots than her Germanic father's Dukedom turned him into an Edinburgher.
THE 1949 classic starred Dennis Price as Louis Mazzini killing off six of his family (another two die by chance), who stand in his way to inherit a dukedom.