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either of two low shelters on either side of a baseball diamond where the players and coaches sit during the game

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a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping a large log

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a fortification of earth

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And more large vessels would pose a greater hazard to villagers' fishing boats and dugout canoes.
Project Mishoon is working toward the excavation and preservation of Nipmuc dugout canoes, several of which have been found in Lake Quisigamond.
For 450 years, villagers had killed 2,000 dolphins annually from dugout canoes.
Small open boats or dugout canoes must negotiate between coral reefs and boulders to ride waves into the small rocky beach.
The beach is less than one year old, restored from a former brownfield site and gently graded to accommodate the landing of traditional dugout canoes.
Speaking mostly their own language with a bit of Spanish, the men who would be our native guides warmly welcomed us and escorted us to dugout canoes for our trip to the eco-lodge, two hours downriver.
Mark Engstrom and Lina Arcila signed on to help with the work and we spent four days in dugout canoes making our way up the increasingly shallower Sipaliwini River through dense tropical rainforest.
It kind of crosses traditional territories between Interior Salish and Coast Salish," she says, explaining that they had dugout canoes in the Interior but "not when our parents were going to residential school.
The athletes' early delight at spending their days doing a spot of chilled-out fishing with the colourfully decorated Waura tribe soon evaporates when they get to grips with this week's challenge - paddling dugout canoes in a 16km endurance race.
The countries visited include Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, India, Nepal and Indonesia, with forms of transport ranging from trains to container ships, dugout canoes, cement barges and solar-powered cars.
The process remains the same for dugout canoes, which were still in use into the early 18th century.
Delta Camp is one of the swamp's more isolated camps; the emphasis here is on mokoro - dugout canoes - and walking safaris.
Throughout the days, both men and women traveled downstream to the lake to check the fish traps or take dugout canoes out for net fishing, and then returned back to the longhouse to clean their catch for drying or to prepare for dinner.
Martin, along with partner/husband Douglas Wright, own Tlaook Cultural Adventures, a company that offers cultural tours in traditional dugout canoes on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.
When he couldn't find a large chunk of the California tree, he found albizia, a tropical wood popular for Hawaiian dugout canoes.