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a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping a large log

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Then again, I think Dad also knew we would not get ourselves into trouble if we were busy working on that dugout canoe.
During the day, do a dugout canoe safari on the floodplain lagoons of the Okavango Delta, the world's largest inland lake.
The oldest known Mediterranean boat, a dugout canoe from Lake Bracciano in Italy, is just 7000 years old.
We lazily made our way downstream in an African dugout canoe.
Exploring the rainforest, drifting downriver in a dugout canoe, sleeping under the stars, living with local tribesmen and their families.
In 1926 a dugout canoe dating from 1600-1400 BC was found under eight feet of water, opposite Thornaby High Wood * In 2003 Sedgefield was visited by US President George W Bush a state visit.
We collected carckle (mussel) in warm lagoon waters and traveled in a dugout canoe along ancient waterways.
By the river, you can ride in a dugout canoe, encounter spectacular waterbirds and look out for the crocodiles, and even mudskippers in the shallows.
Alternatively, a three-hour walk through dense jungle or a dugout canoe ride over rough open ocean skirting jagged reefs brings villagers to the non-profit People First Network's solarpowered internet facility.
About 40 owners will display a variety of boats, including a Northwest Indian dugout canoe, a Scandinavian dinghy with hand-carved trim and wooden boats built more than 50 years ago.
The far-flung lodge was a three-hour bus ride from Quito, followed by a flight from the town of Shell to the jungle, then many hours downriver by dugout canoe.
We were on a dugout canoe, powered by a small motor, going from village to village in the Amazon.
From there you amble along a raised boardwalk through about half-a-mile of flooded palm forest, clamber into a dugout canoe, get paddled along an inlet and emerge into tree-lined Pilchicocha Lake - at the opposite end of which is the eco-friendly lodge and private reserve (www.
The traditional safari through this sunny, aquatic paradise is taken via a mokoro, or dugout canoe, with a local guide.
Melanesian men and women, wearing grass skirts and colourful headbands, carried the Bible in a miniature dugout canoe as they sang, moved and danced to the beating of drums from the High Altar to the Cathedral's Compass Rose.