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sirenian tusked mammal found from eastern Africa to Australia

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For my part, I was only vexed to see the dugong escape all our attacks.
The dugong came within twenty feet of the boat, stopped, sniffed the air briskly with its large nostrils (not pierced at the extremity, but in the upper part of its muzzle).
I heard its teeth grind on the iron plate, and the dugong disappeared, carrying the harpoon with him.
It required tackle of enormous strength to hoist the dugong on to the platform.
A carcass of a female adult dugong (seacow) was found dead by a local fisherman on a sandbar in a remote coastal village here Friday.
In addition, another dead dugong, an expecting mother with a fully-developed calf was discovered last week.
Due to the risk of poaching, habitat degradation and capture in derelict fishing gear, combined with their geographic distance from neighboring dugong populations, the dugongs we aim to survey are thought to belong to the most critically endangered population of dugongs in the world (Marsh et al.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-January 29, 2016-Kii supports dugong conservation in Philippines
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 29, 2016-Kii supports dugong conservation in Philippines
From Vilankulos to Xai-Xai, the turquoise waters are literally teeming with marine life; giant manta rays, turtles, reef sharks, dolphins and the rare dugong on the list.
In a statement the SCE said it had received a call reporting the presence of a dead dugong in Budaiya beach at around 3pm.
In addition, a dugong skeleton is a highlight of the interactive display.
The professor solved the popular mythology of mermaids at this institution when he verified in 1942 the continued existence of a sea mammal that is anatomically similar to human beings, called the dugong, 100 years after the last specimen was recorded.
A remote African paradise Built on stilts in the crystal clear waters of the warm Indian Ocean amongst the mangroves, this eco-paradise is home to flocks of flamingos, tropical fish and the very rare Dugong with sunsets nothing less that breath-taking.
Tara Hawkes, 23, was in shallow water near the vessel True North at Dugong Bay in the Kimberley region when the two-metre (6ft 6ins) crocodile bit her upper leg.