duffle bag

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a large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth

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The security guard said the bus conductor, however, did not allow him to board with the duffle bag.
Floral print high-neck jersey dress, PS26; platform sandals, PS45 (available soon), and fringe duffle bag, PS25, all SimplyBe, simplybe.
Ordered to put money into a duffle bag, he hands it to a nervous-looking customer, who raises the suspicion of the store's security guard, and is shot dead.
The hotels are expecting you; you don't have to do anything; however it's important to know this because you need to know how to organize your luggage; you don't want to be hauling around a heavy duffle bag which you don't need and which will surely strain the best of backs.
Carrying a guitar and a duffle bag stuffed with a few possessions, Cruise moved into the manager's Manhattan apartment for three months after he signed up with her company.
Who says range bags have to be black, bulky, "tactical" duffle bags with all the style of, well, a duffle bag?
My dad's best mate found a bomb which was in a duffle bag on New Street too.
It doesn't matter if they have one duffle bag or two when they arrive at orientation--most volunteers will complete their commitments with the same amount of material possessions.
Putting the helmet in your duffle bag is a disaster waiting to happen.
Knight and Day goodies Kg yg g good Knight g ght y ies WIN Blackberry case, duffle bag, watergun set and notebook and UV ink pen.
The prize package features a Knight And Day duffle bag, T-shirt, notebook, UV invisible ink pen, blackberry case, cap and water gun set plus a pair of complimentary tickets to see the film at Cineworld.
99; Diesel dyed denim laced pumps, pounds 70 at ASOS; River Island denim duffle bag, pounds 34.
Desire Lines' opener has a funkin-on-a-Sunday afternoon bassline and "no problem, mon" steel drums that sound more like unveiling a vinegar and baking soda volcano at a science fair than pulling a potato gun out of a duffle bag to shoot out the windows of an abandoned barn.
AN inflatable airbed that comes with a battery-operated pump, sheet and duvet - all in a big duffle bag.
That way, if my duffle bag doesn't show up, I can still hunt until it arrives.