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Synonyms for duffle

a large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth

a coarse heavy woolen fabric

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The Ultimate Duffle Pack is also the subject of Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
The company said that the fabric used for the lining for a range of women's wax, quilted and tweed jackets and duffle coats in Barbour's autumn and winter collection 2012 and also for matching handbags, will be in two distinctive Morris & Co designs; Strawberry Thief and Marigold.
Who says range bags have to be black, bulky, "tactical" duffle bags with all the style of, well, a duffle bag?
Titch's collection of clothes include a duffle coat, an array of T-shirts and even a dressing gown.
These gorgeous traditional warm duffle coats, in navy, fuchsia and red, have been reduced from pounds 39 to pounds 19.
My dad's best mate found a bomb which was in a duffle bag on New Street too.
Demand for duffle coats, cream cable knit jumpers, chunky woollen socks, stripy t-shirts, waterproof trousers and rugged has soared over the last month with further increases expected as the cold weather continues.
He was dressed in a black duffle coat and is described as having a spotty complexion.
The 16-year-old left his house in Tredington Park wearing blue jeans, a grey jumper, duffle coat and black trainers.
With Soldiers deploying and redeploying, there is one item that should never go into a duffle bag: your HGU-56/P aircrew integrated helmet system (AIHS).
The large duffle sports a large outer lid pocket, two end and one rear pocket.
Credit union members also had the opportunity to spin the prize wheel to win gifts, such as sports duffle bags, stainless steel coffee mugs and $25 gift cards to various merchants.
Pinero-Rivera, who was sent to the Worcester County Jail, after police were able to search the duffle bags for evidence, Mr.
99; Diesel dyed denim laced pumps, pounds 70 at ASOS; River Island denim duffle bag, pounds 34.