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Synonyms for duffle

a large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth

a coarse heavy woolen fabric

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This request for quotation is seeking the services of a firm to furnish and deliver Embroidered Polo Shirts, Baseball Caps, and Duffle bags for the Fire Rescue Department in accordance with the specifications included in this Quotation Request.
The proprietary features of the Ultimate Duffle Pack enable its users to comfortably transport a number of additional items beyond school books within it.
Verdict: A good-looking modern duffle, inspired by skydiving kit, it stood out on the luggage carousel.
It consists of a PVC-sealed duffle and four PVC-sealed Cubes.
A state trooper stopped their northbound car for a traffic violation, and subsequently found 26 pounds of pot concealed in a duffle bag in the car's trunk, police said.
The young man was fairly well dressed in jeans and a designer jacket, whilst his accomplice was significantly older and wore a long, tan-coloured woollen duffle coat and a dark coloured, fur hat, which the victim described as Russianstyle.
Brigham Road, black duffle bag found in woods, property returned.
Who says range bags have to be black, bulky, "tactical" duffle bags with all the style of, well, a duffle bag?
These gorgeous traditional warm duffle coats, in navy, fuchsia and red, have been reduced from pounds 39 to pounds 19.
The 16-year-old left his house in Tredington Park wearing blue jeans, a grey jumper, duffle coat and black trainers.
With Soldiers deploying and redeploying, there is one item that should never go into a duffle bag: your HGU-56/P aircrew integrated helmet system (AIHS).
Credit union members also had the opportunity to spin the prize wheel to win gifts, such as sports duffle bags, stainless steel coffee mugs and $25 gift cards to various merchants.
Desire Lines' opener has a funkin-on-a-Sunday afternoon bassline and "no problem, mon" steel drums that sound more like unveiling a vinegar and baking soda volcano at a science fair than pulling a potato gun out of a duffle bag to shoot out the windows of an abandoned barn.
HALF a century ago, Paddington Bear arrived from darkest Peru in his duffle coat and wellies and was found at Paddington Station.
Golf Apparel from Cutter & Buck; and Garment and Duffle Bags from Vera Bradley;