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an incompetent or clumsy person

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While Brown never identified the Duffer Brothers in her Instagram post, she did in subsequent comments.
Dr Martin Brenner, played by Matthew Modine, was last seen being attacked by the Demogorgon in the school, but Duffer has given a strong hint that it isn't the end of the devious scientist.
Washington DC [USA], October 29 ( ANI ): Following the launch of much-awaited season two of 'Stranger Things', the creators, Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer, have confirmed that they started writing for the next season of the Netflix original series.
Duffer's brother and co-creator, Ross Duffer, also dished on the fate of "Stranger Things" after Season 2.
No Duffer hasn't won since last February when he scored at Sandown under similar conditions as to what he'll encounter now.
Oh my old man's a duffer, he wears a duffer's hat, he wears corduroy trousers and he lives in a semi-detached .
George by Duffer navy straw hat, pounds 25, Debenhams.
William Duffer of Texarkana thought his pawn shop was protected by the alarm system he subscribed to for around two years.
Written in friendly and often chuckle-inducing terms, The Care and Feeding of the True Duffer is recommended for golf novices, veteran duffers, and anyone who loves seeing wit and wisdom injected into observations of their beloved sport.
ROYAL duffer Prince Edward urged the nation to become blood donors.
It seemed likely then that the affable duffer Ronald Reagan would take the world blundering into a thermonuclear war, and mine was not the only imagination dominated by the pleasure of ruins.
The Hubbard 1-H well, which is located on 453 acres, has full Schlumberger Triple Combo data showing logged pay with strong mud log shows and was originally drilled targeting the Caddo, Duffer and deeper Barnett formations.
Speaking to CinemaBlend, one of the show's creators, Ross Duffer, revealed that 'Eleven' was initially planned to perish-and stay dead-after sacrificing herself in the finale of the first season.
Matt Duffer, who created "Stranger Things" with his older brother Ross Duffer, revealed to (http://ew.
And the creators, the Duffer brothers, already have a plan for what's next should Netflix give them the green light.