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an incompetent or clumsy person

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There my be more tears when Duffer heads across the Atlantic, like so many of his countrymen before him, but he recently admitted that it was time for him to seek pastures new.
You old duffer," she said, picking up the recipe book.
Now Duffer is seeking class action status for his lawsuit against Tyco International Ltd.
Unintentionally, I suspect, she portrays him as a goofy old duffer handled by savvy staffers who recognize that their jobs and influence depend on his popularity back in the sticks but who labor mightily to keep him from weird acts of self-expression while he's in Washington.
The Hubbard 1-H well, which is located on 453 acres, has full Schlumberger Triple Combo data showing logged pay with strong mud log shows and was originally drilled targeting the Caddo, Duffer and deeper Barnett formations.
April 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Netflix, the world's leading internet TV network, has ordered Montauk, a new drama series written and directed by Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer (Wayward Pines, Hidden).
You could say so, Duffer was a good man to win a freekick in the corner," O'Shea smiled.
A wide range of new styles from Duffer, Mckenzie, Adidas, Nike and more are coming into store every day for Men, Women and Juniors.
faux fur trim red parka from pounds 35 by St George by Duffer worn with jeans from pounds 20 at Debenhams.
FREDDY SHEPHERD, Steve Gibson and the rest can sneer at John Barnwell and claim he's nothing more than some old duffer who is powerless to stop them driving a horse and cart through his League Managers' Association rules.
It stocks menswear and womenswear including denim brands Diesel, G Star, Replay, Miss Sixty and Firetrap, as well as casuals under the Tommy Hilfiger, Teddy Smith and Duffer labels.
Maine New England beige poncho pounds 25, Maine New England black top pounds 16, Rocha John Rocha jeans pounds 40, Red Herring chocolate cap pounds 10; Rocha John Rocha brown striped shirt pounds 45, Rocha John Rocha jacket pounds 65, Lee straight leg jeans pounds 40; Richard wears Rocha John Rocha zip up top pounds 50, St George Duffer brown T-shirt pounds 15, black Lee jeans pounds 40; Cassandra wears Jasper Conran Jeans khaki jacket pounds 80, Rocha John Rocha blue jeans pounds 40, Maine New England T-shirt pounds 12; Rocha John Rocha jeans pounds 40, Maine New England black top pounds 16, Maine New England grey gilet pounds 35.
He had a tattooed cheek and wore a top with Duffy or Duffer on the chest.
Scales are not a word in his vocabulary, he just chucks stuff in the pan as flamboyantly as he can manage, and he doesn't have to wear hooded Duffer tops to make him look cool.
Because while the royal marriage gives Ms Rhys-Jones the part of the ordinary girl turned dazzling princess it lands Edward with the job of the bald duffer who only landed that good-looking blonde because of who he is.