duffel coat

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a warm coat made of duffel


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The smoking brunette I saw wearing a duffel coat outside Spar on the hottest day of the year.
A duffel coat, which John says he hated wearing as a boy, is named after the Belgian town of Duffel in the province of Antwerp where the material originated.
BE ON-TREND with a Kangol duffel coat with toggles and a faux fur hood - at a knockdown price of PS25.
I swear if it had gone on for much longer Armstrong would have been in a duffel coat and muffs.
The duffel coat is back from the dry cleaners, as the reluctant detective (Alan Davies) returns.
Submarine peeks beneath the duffel coat of its fantasist protagonist and reveals the growing pains that propel Oliver to the cusp of adulthood.
The film peeks beneath the duffel coat of its fantasist protagonist and reveals the growing pains that propel him to the cusp of adulthood.
And when the rest of the world thought he was wearing a "donkey jacket" at the Remembrance Day commemoration in 1981, he remained unmoved by the controversy - even though it was actually a fashionable duffel coat bought at no little expense by his late wife, Jill Craigie.
He is clean-shaven with fair, short hair and was wearing a duffel coat which was zipped up the front and had fur round the hood.
The thief, described as a black man who wears a black duffel coat with wooden toggles, has struck four times within the last two weeks, said PC Laura Tibbatts.
Consolation comes in the shape of his mates down the pub - a pair of bickering Albion and Wolves fans and Brainy Kev, who has taken to wearing a duffel coat and listening to jazz since he became a student.
Semple was saddling his first runner at Goodwood and said: "It's usually Musselburgh with a scarf and duffel coat, so this makes a pleasant surprise.
That makes about as much sense as a duffel coat in the Bahamas.
There was a big debate about whether it was a donkey jacket or duffel coat.
Daniel Jones, 22, was spotted wearing an Asos duffel coat and burgundy Primark jumper.