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a large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth

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Both duffel bags sport a white, leather-trimmed luggage tag with Lexus logo.
Nguyen said the duffel bags on the plane were not his and that he did not know what was in them.
So keep any tools and chains, duffel bags, hats or gloves away from air inlets.
The FBI and Homeland Security Department issued a bulletin saying terrorists could attempt to conceal explosives in luggage and carry-onbags, such as duffel bags and backpacks.
A small cadre of men wearing a large cache of chains, pierces, cuffs, and assorted sterling silver bling-bling were waiting for their no-doubt-distressed calfskin duffel bags.
The reusable SafariCare duffel bags always contain empty garbage bags so that contributions can be emptied into them and used later by local residents for other purposes, such as a window or roof for a mud hut or as a raincoat.
Pursuant to a consent search of the vehicle, the trooper found bricks of cocaine totaling 200 pounds in three duffel bags and one suitcase.
NEW YORK -- The Toy Industry Foundation (TIF), the philanthropic arm of the North American toy industry, has announced the launch of a month-long "virtual" Do Good Stuff-a-Thon to provide necessities such as blankets, clothing, toiletries, and toys for new personal duffel bags that will be delivered to thousands of foster children across the country.
TUMI s expert designers matched the look and feel of The Crafted Line to the duffel bags with the brand s legendary FXTA ballistic nylon in black paired with white trim and zippers.
This collection consists of duffel bags, briefcases, portfolios and other men's accessories.
Two duffel bags containing brick shaped objects were found inside.
Inside the car were two duffel bags containing 118 DVDs of movies that weren't yet out on DVD commercially.
social services group, the Children's Home Society, recently refused a donation of 60 duffel bags from Schlessinger's foundation after learning of its leader's antigay stance.
For the last five years, it's been a couple of duffel bags - really, that's it.