duffel bag

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a large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth

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The duffel bag containing $300, two masks and a black pellet gun were recovered from the vehicle, Mr.
Once in the helicopter, go back to your initial location and hover the chopper over any building to send the duffel bag.
According to police, the employees were ordered to the bank's vault where they were told to fill a duffel bag with cash, reports the Daily Telegraph.
What would you do if this same man carried a suspicious-looking red duffel bag, never letting it leave his side?
A duffel bag containing proceeds from a Churchill High School basketball team fundraiser was stolen from an employee's car Monday.
rummaging through your duffel bag looking for shaving cream and you
IT'S IN THE SWAG: Even if they don't bag a gold statue, this year's nominees can tote around their Oscar memories with this deluxe leather duffel bag commissioned from Burbank-based designer Gina Alexander.
No warm up at all, and he's already jumping while I'm still trying to dig the camera battery out of my little duffel bag.
You can configure Dog Bag's padded Jet Set pet carrier as a duffel bag, shoulder bag, backpack, or car seat.
The IACP's "behavioral profile" recommends that officers look for "multiple anomalies" in individual behavior, including (as paraphrased by the Post) "wearing a heavy coat or jacket in warm weather or carrying a briefcase, duffel bag or backpack with protrusions or visible wires.
The kids were walking through a Colorado field on February 14 when they came across a duffel bag filled with stacks of notes.
The durable duffel bag includes a water bottle, sun cream, Frisbee and tips on travelling.
Other prizes include The Famous Grouse Explorers' Pack and The Famous Grouse duffel bag filled with Grouse gear.
He claims that he returned to his car after he heard people making rude comments about the turban he was wearing, and retrieved a duffel bag with a shotgun in.