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  • noun

Synonyms for duet

two items of the same kind together

Synonyms for duet

two performers or singers who perform together

a pair who associate with one another

a musical composition for two performers

(ballet) a dance for two people (usually a ballerina and a danseur noble)

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Paddy and Ella Murphy, genuine Irish Duettists and Dancers
Elliot & Renson, Irish Character Duettists and Dancers
280 also wrote etudes for pedal, balance, staccato, legato and other challenges for piano duettists.
The piano continued to undergo many technical improvements along the way, which increased the popularity of the instrument not only for soloists, but also for duettists.
The collection also includes a rare treat--a contemporary arrangement by beloved duettists Weekley & Arganbright.
For all the advocacy of trumpet duettists John Wallace and Mark O'Keeffe and Martyn Brabbins' BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Mark-Anthony Turnage's Dispelling the Fears has emerged as one of that gifted composer's weaker structures, all massive preparation, lovely resolution, but no middle.
Piano duettists of every stripe--children, adult beginners, professional duos--will rejoice over this re-publication of one of Liszt's most artful collections of pieces for piano, four hands.
It was left to piano duettists Louise Andrews and Alastair Moseley to provide a contrasting spark and dynamic charge which lifted the whole tone of the concert.
This work is a superb addition for duettists looking for music with a multicultural flavor and will definitely facilitate performances of this rarely programmed major work of the twentieth century.
Piano duettists were Jessica Lu and Lorraine Levine, students at Birmingham Conservatoire, where Cross had earned the respect and affection of hundreds of students during 31 years of lecturing.
Here we received a sensitive performance, strongly comple mented by Backbeat Percussion Ensemble and piano duettists Helen and Harvey Davies.