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Synonyms for duette

two performers or singers who perform together

a musical composition for two performers

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com Login name: s1110124302 Password: 8382230 Disk Quota: 2GB Expiry Date: 11/10/2015 The work consists of the restoration of wetlands at the Duette Preserve Mitigation site to offset impacts to 5.
The survey was conducted by Dowling and Dennis Public Relations in June 2015, with support from Poiesis Medical, maker of the Duette urinary drainage system.
Providing information to aid dispensing and optimise the fit of the Duette Progressive lenses, the step-by-step tutorials cover lens design, lens calculator, fitting guide and lens dispensing, as well as optimising fit, near vision, distance vision and patient compliance.
Compared to parks like Duette and the Carlton Reserve, Rye Wilderness is tiny, only 365 acres--which makes it just big enough to lose oneself in, without actually getting lost.
With 180 color and design choices, Duette Architella offers an extensive interiors design palette.
The Work included in this bid is defined as the construction of specific improvements within the East Fork Manatee River basin on the Manatee County Owned Duette Preserve Park property for the purpose of wetland hydrology restoration.
No7 will have an exciting range of products at the event which will include EyeDream, its ortho-k design, the Medmont E300 corneal topographer, Duette, its unique hybrid lens, C-Vue, a custom silicone hydrogel lens and Fusion 1 Day, a daily lens which incorporates patented Fusion technology.
These funds will be used to support the company's marketing and manufacturing growth as it launches its second generation silicone hydrogel hybrid contact lens, Duette, Oxford said.
In 1985, this concept was transformed into soft, fashionable, yet durable fabrics pleated into individual hexagonal cells and named Duette honeycomb shades.
SYNERGEYES, the hybrid contact lens technology, has reported that its second generation hydrogel hybrid contact lens, Duette, has been prescribed to 3,000 in 700 practices in the US since its launch in January.
He cited the successes of Duette honeycomb shades in the 1980's, Silhouette window shadings in the 1990's and Luminette Privacy Sheers in 1997.
PRISM is a registered trademark and PRISM WorldRadio, PRISM Duette, PRISM Nitro and SingleSource are trademarks of Intersil Americas Inc.
She also developed and implemented a successful marketing program for Duette honeycomb shades and assisted with the successful Silhouette and Vignette window shadings and Luminette Privacy Sheers brands.
uk or call 0161 442 9500) have the perfect solution with their combi-blind in Duette and Plisse ranges.