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Synonyms for duet

two items of the same kind together

Synonyms for duet

two performers or singers who perform together

a pair who associate with one another

a musical composition for two performers

(ballet) a dance for two people (usually a ballerina and a danseur noble)

References in classic literature ?
He likes me so much that you, like a great goose as you are, came up here to watch us at our duets, and made yourself as disagreeable as you possibly could whilst I was making myself charming.
Now for Raphael's great song," said Lucy, when they had finished the duet.
In the wild, yellow-naped Amazon par7vts perform duets in which a male and a female take turns calling, says Timothy Wright of New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.
The Bolshoi's Svetlana Lunkina--another Russian joy--was bereft of her partner, an indisposed Dmitri Gudanov, but her charming, delicately phrased Sylph in Boumonville's second-act duet from La Sylphide was, at short notice, well matched by a stalwart and forthright Guillaume Cote from the National Ballet of Canada.
He was less impressive in the ``Brindisi'' duet from ``La Traviata.
After receiving reports connecting the use of the Duet TRS with patient deaths after thoracic surgery, we have made the decision that the product should not be used in such procedures," said Bryan Hanson, Group President, Surgical Solutions, Covidien.
What started as mobile applications on the iPhone and Android has grown to tens of thousands of patients using tools powered by Duet for a variety of programs.
Rowaida also recorded a duet with the famous Lebanese singer Wadee Al Safi, called C[pounds sterling]Haida LebnanC[yen] (This Is Lebanon).
The significant history of the piano duet begins with Mozart.
On occasion, the mate inserts another motif in the gaps to make, for example, a "peewee o-wit peewee o-wit peewee" duet.
Although women performed most of the pieces, Kaela Lee and Victor Tiernan traded balances and weight transfers in the mixed-gender duet Five or Six Things.
Russia and Japan have taken over as the sport's new powers, dominating the team and duet competition at the Sydney Snychro 2000 Qualifying Open in April.
Additionally, the fund has established risk parameters that signal when a trade is stopped out or hits its target, and Duet can inform investors about best- and worst-case scenarios at any point during the day.
Bennett will make a special appearance during Fernandez' scheduled concert that night to perform their duet of the song, "Return To Me (Regresa A Mi)" which the two recorded for Bennett's forthcoming CD, TONY BENNETT: VIVA DUETS, set for worldwide release on Monday, October 22.
Consider adding a duet to your student's solo program.