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Bush in the White House, and in the tender care of his neoconservative duennas, the stage was set for a solid decade of war.
Las reynas, maguer que son de la mas alta sangre del mundo e las mas altas duennas que seer pueden, a las uezes algunas dellas non pueden foyr nin mudan las naturas de las mugieres (89).
las duennas generosas de grant estado e faziendas [.
1) Excluyo a las princesas o reinas, quienes dispusieron siempre de una educacion especifica, aunque por estudiar en el caso altomedieval, que las habria de preparar para el desempeno de su funcion, cuando llegara el caso, como sabemos, por poner sendos ejemplos muy distintos, de la reina merovingia Radegunda, o de las hijas de Fernando I <<a las fijas mando estar en estudios de duennas et aprender orationes et orar, et aprender buenas costumbres- (segun la Primera Cronica, cap.
Four "fouteurs" ("fuckers"), four cooks, four duennas and eight victims-to-be of each sex selected from all over the Kingdom of France also compose the party.
The fact that certain venerable duennas, otherwise not particularly sentimental, are unwilling to quit their squalid and insanitary cottages, is no argument for allowing the public eye and conscience to be offended by the continuance of slums.
But it is also very dangerous in a world where young men think nothing of killing for the sake of family honour; where parents are little better than quarrelling children; where duennas are good for comic relief and little else; where 'women, being the weaker vessels, are ever thrust to the wall' (I.
Dickens's Mrs General, accompanying the Dorrit girls on their European travels, is rather more worldly than the bluestocking Miss Prism, instructing Cecily in the country, but the essential resemblance between the two prim duennas is clear.
Despite the death of the "debate" a decade ago, and despite the demise of French feminism in France, feminist French professors in this country--having already sorted out the problems of negotiating between the "French" interest in "feminine writing" and the "Anglo-American" interest in the literary history of female writers--continue inexplicably to pay homage to the duennas of French feminist theory (as canonized in the United States).
As don Quijotes pinchers are about to identified, the translation says that "since all duennas are fond of knowing, understanding, and inquiring" (782).
La condesa, para disimular la escasa guarnicion --cuarenta y cinco caballeros--, "mando a sus duennas que se destocasen et se parasen en cabellos, et que tomasen armas en las manos, et que se parassen en el andamio".
We learn what flatterers are like and shoemakers and puppeteers, swordsmen, duennas, and many others.
Alice Vavasor feels that Glencora "should not have allowed the word duenna to have passed her lips in speaking to any one; but, above all, she should not have done so in the hearing of Mr Palliser's cousin" (CYFH, 1:287).