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FitzRoy, referring to the "ancient sub-wife and [word illegible] duenna and Quarter mistress general and a nominally adopted daughter," purchased as a child slave at Lombok ("Voyages":80).
Apart from writing several books on various issues of social reform, he translated Shakespeare's plays such as The Comedy of Errors (literal and prose adaptation), The Merchant of Venice, Sheridan's plays such as The Rivals (1894) and Duenna (1885), and Aesop's Fables (1893).
Rating: 5/5 Christopher Morley The Duenna English Touring Opera at the Forum Theatre, Malvern I don't think even man's best friend would appreciate the spectacular dog's dinner which is this Sheridan/Linley alleged opera The Duenna.
The Symphony (in memory of Pedrell), the ballet Don Quixote, First String Quartet, and the opera The Duenna followed in quick succession.
Graham Marianna B & Crum Duenna L, to Brown Lucas C; 1205 Mill St, Springfield, 97477; $150,000
Diana, a duenna, undeed aided Ned and Ann in one odd, nude deed in a dune in India: undone, Diana ended a nun in need in an Andean den, died, and dined in Eden [Roxanne Bogucka]
In true opera buffo style, however, the young lovers are united in the end, with Mendoza tricked into marrying Louisa's resourceful duenna.
Casting for Michigan Opera Theatre's presentation of Cyrano features a roster of talented artists, including: Peter Volpe as DeGuiche, Mark Panuccio as Ragueneau, Gloria Parker as the Duenna, and Gaetan Lapperiere as Lebret.
He further develops this motif with the profane metaphor, "nunqua varon en duenna metio mayor qerencia" (59b).
A gothic heroine is often accompanied by a duenna, a female chaperone other than her mother.
He laments that 'no painter has given us familiar views of the East: not processions, grand sultans, or magnificent landscapes; but faithful transcripts of everyday Oriental life', but he gives pictorial impressions that, rather than 'faithful transcripts', suggest the framing and composition of Orientalist painting: 'There was the pretty maid at work at a tambour-frame in an open porch, with an old duenna spinning by her side, and a goat tied up to the railings of the little court-garden' (p.
In Behn's novel, on the other hand, Onahal is characterized as the heroine's randy duenna in the Otan who arranges to meet with Oroonoko's friend, Aboan, while he visits Imoinda.
He revived the music of the 18th century Linley's For The Duenna in 1924, and produced scores for 1066 and All That, for Birmingham Rep and the 1947 Alice through the Looking Glass at Stratford.
He has written the best comedy (School for Scandal), the best drama (The Duenna, to my mind far beyond that St Giles lampoon, The Beggar's Opera), the best farce (The Critic--it is only too good for a farce), and the best address (Monologue on Garrick); and, to crown all, delivered the very best oration (the famous Begum speech) ever conceived or heard in this country.
The duenna button is for monitoring gay men's sex lives.