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a person who fights duels

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Scott's metaphor for filmmaking is apparent when he says that when he was "shooting" his first feature film The Duellists (1978), based on Conrad's novella "The Duel" (1907), he was thinking of it not as an art film but as a western.
In 1764, when his friend John Wilkes (a champion of freedom of the press) was outlawed and in France, Churchill defended him in The Duellist.
Among his contemporaries he seems to have aroused admiration and hostility in almost equal measures: Johnson had a high opinion of his mind and character, while Charles Churchill satirized him viciously in The Duellist (1764) as a hypocrite, a sinner, and a social climber.
Churchill's major works are The Rosciad (1761), an attack on London actors and acting, which is often ranked with Pope's Dunciad; The Ghost (1762), an account of the notorious Cock Lane Ghost episode, ridiculing Samuel Johnson for his interest in it; The Prophecy of Famine, a Scots Pastoral (1763), a verse satire voicing English distrust of Scotland; The Duellist (1764), a poem defending the political position of John Wilkes and attacking all his detractors, particularly Smollett; Gotham (1764), a verse epistle setting forth the " idea of a patriot king " (see Henry St.
LIPA-graduate Harrison is an eloquent, if not necessarily elegant, Cyrano, the actor playing up his character's physical stature as a duellist as well as parrying his foe with verbal virtuosity from beneath what appears to be a deliberately obvious, nay almost comically false proboscis.
Duellist was sent off a strong favourite on his debut at Southwell but missed the kick.
Where the plot will lead is not clear, but we see gathering a rich mix of O'Brian characters, from the irascible Admiral Lord Leyton to the sinister duellist Captain Miller.
Mark Johnston, trainer of Karaka Jack and Duellist "The big issue with these two is whether they can transfer the handicap rating they have earned on the all-weather to turf.
Frankie Dettori managed another winner for the team of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed and Mark Johnston when Duellist proved too good for his 7f handicap rivals.
Willsen was one of the finest swordsmen in the British army and his skill with a pistol would have been the envy of any duellist, but he had no defence against the attack which erupted as soon as he had passed the rubbish cart.
But Brodies chairman Alistair Campbell said: "He will need to find a duellist elsewhere.
Joe Fanning, who is running away with the jockeys' allweather title race, extended his lead over Robert Winston to 11 wins with a double on Mister New York in the featured 1m1f conditions event and Duellist in the 7f maiden.
Johnston aims to improve that record with Duellist (6.
There's a fair amount of buzz around Duellists, who play the Atlantic Bar in Portrush tonight, should you be up that neck of the woods.
Scott, on the other hand, was a hugely successful and pervasive force in TV advertising, long before "The Duellists," "Alien," "Blade Runner" or any of the other pictures that mark his singular career in cinema.