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a person who fights duels

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While James is apt to offer a less contentious portrayal of Cavendish than suggested here, she does use quotations from the duchess that would suggest Cavendish saw her disputations with others in more conflicting than compromising terms: "As an honourable dueller I will fight only with an honourable and valiant opponent, so I am resolved to argue only with famous and subtle philosophers" (xvii).
Referred to by some as The Green Desert of Wales, because of the huge areas of green, open spaces, Mother Nature made Mid Wales perfect for travelling on two wheels - whether you're a weekend warrior, polaris plotter, slalom dueller or complete beginner
As Margaret Hallissy has put it, "The dueller is open, honest, and strong; the poisoner, fraudulent, scheming, and weak.
Boogie woogie, rock ''n'' roll piano duo Dueller 88, who have played around the world and made it into the latter stages of Britain's Got Talent 2009, provided the sounds.
The rival karaoke groups fought a bloody, each with their own swords, one dueller suffering six slashes to his thigh and buttocks.
And while Bond will presumably stay faithful to his Walther PPK, the baddies have been issued with AF2011 Dueller Prismatic guns made by Arsenal Firearms.
These issues are only point-scorers for our duellers as they chorus: "Go, PMLN, go
A totally different perspective from the back to the very front of the grid for the 190m race revolves around the relentlessly riveting set-to between duellers Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton with a sure-fire spectacle of close racing between them to heighten the excitement for jam-packed and legendary Monza, half-an-hour's drive from Milan.