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the cardinal compass point that is a 270 degrees

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Martin also manages Orchard Holdings LLC, which is the owner of several lots due west of the Westside Village property.
Additionally, Zoltav holds Koltogor 10, a 167 square kilometre area due west of the Koltogor E&P Licence on which Zoltav is engaged in an exploration and appraisal programme.
I sight fish birds that are moving to the southwest or due west.
50 longitude) due west of Los Angeles and gathering seawater, then exhibiting the liquid in thirty-two lovely handblown glass vessels arranged on the floor along the north-south axis.
Mitigation measures such qu~ecrans noise, rail dampers on the main roads, fences and due west side buffer of future main roads are also included in the tender documents.
One of my fellow travellers had learned of the panoramic vista to be enjoyed from the hilltop at Ros Castle just to the east of Chillingham and due west of the less than charming array of wind turbines at Middleham Moor, just off the A1 south of Belford.
He said he realised something was amiss when he saw that the electronic map on the inflight entertainment system showed their plane was heading due west out of London instead of south.
Airflow across Namibia will first switch from north-west to due west before resuming its typical south-westerly flow.
The stage points nearly due west, which means the summer sun sets exactly in the eyes of anyone trying to look from that spot to connect with the audience.
WASHINGTON -- Man-made global warming may further lessen the likelihood of the freak atmospheric steering currents that last year shoved Superstorm Sandy due west into New Jersey, a new study says.
The Moss Lake property is 100 km due west of Thunder Bay near the community of Kashabowie.
My neighbor was telling me about Eciftlik, a pinprick of a village that lurks unvisited on the plain due west of NevE-ehir.
just a short walk due west of the Market) will be available again courtesy of Rite Aid.
On Tuesday March 12th, look for the very thin crescent Moon very low due west.
Day and night will both last an equal 12 hours and the sun will cross the equator going northward and will rise due east and set due west.