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the cardinal compass point that is at 180 degrees

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Ladbrokes: 8 Edwardian, 10 Jazil, Dato Star, Shouk, Zalal, 11 Due South, 14 Yavana's Pace, Raise A Prince, 16 Pasternak, 20 bar.
In 1978, the Daytona Fire swept through Old Agoura's Cheeseboro Canyon and headed due south, scorching 42,540 acres - nearly one-fourth of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area - on its way to the Pacific Ocean.
But the United States isn't responsible for all the action, says Alberta Film Commission assistant director Brenda Maclean, who reports that Due South brought its business to Alberta for a mountain-adventure episode.
But don't start fantasising just yet - all the work's been done for you in tonight's wacky episode of Due South.
Our new permit in this part of the Timok Belt represents an impressive opportunity 30 kilometers due south of the huge Bor mining complex and offers excellent potential for the discovery of new high sulphidation gold deposits and porphyry copper-gold systems.
A world away from Taggart in personality and crime-solving techniques is Due South - All The Queen's Horses/Body Language.
This property encompasses approximately 52,000 acres and is located due south of the Anne and Colette Uranium deposits near Shea Creek of UEX Corporation and Cogema Resources Inc.
Now CBS really do have a reason to keep Due South on course.
By the time darkness falls over this great nation Sunday evening, the road to Super Bowl XXXI could go through Interstate 85, due south from Charlotte, N.
And Due South star Paul Gross should know - they once got him
With a string of TV appearances behind him in shows including Highlander and X-Files, Callum will tonight make his Due South debut on British TV.
The Due South star admits he was a drug-taker and dealer in the past.
The magnetic data from the GSC survey also identified a magnetic-high approximately 1,200 metres by 800 metres in dimensions, which is located 500 metres due south of the outcrop and is flanked by the thorium-potassium radiometric anomalies 1,000 metres to the south and 1,200 metres to the southeast.
We went behind the scenes of BBC TV's Due South to track down actor Paul Gross, who plays Canadian Mountie Benton Fraser in the hit series.
The ground is contiguous to and due south of MacDonald's MacNugget claim block now contiguous southwest of Spider/KWG discovery claim block.