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the cardinal compass point that is at 90 degrees

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Twelve kilometres due east from Central London is Stratford, where there is rapid change underway in what can be best called a "crane city".
Contract awarded for Route 33 line due east of Sichuan Changshan District pavement repair work
The last exit lane from the Western oil patch runs due east and all the pressure is now on Quebec.
At every equinox, the sun rises due east and sets due west.
February begins with no bright planets in the sky at dusk, but as the month progresses, brilliant Jupiter begins rising due east in evening twilight.
At the Pakistani border, the pipeline will enter Balochistan near the provincial capital of Quetta and route due east until it enters India and ends in the town of Fazilka.
Then, head due east into Horseshoe Cove, but don't hurry.
Tynemouth RNLI all weather lifeboat launched soon after and sped to meet the Sanrene which was due east of the Tyne piers.
Located due east of Michigan's capital (as the name suggests), it's the home of a Big Ten school--Michigan State University--with which its identity is inexorably linked.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- On March 10, the Core Observatory passed over an extra-tropical cyclone On March 10, the Core Observatory passed over an extra-tropical cyclone about 1055 miles (1700 kilometers) due east of Japan's Honshu Island.
Two more, slightly stronger, low pressure cells developed due east of Madagascar, adding to the complexity of the airflow from the Indian Ocean, across central Africa, all the way down in a broad swathe to the central plateau of South Africa.
The disputed islands--known as Diaoyu to China, Senkaku to Japan and Diaoyutai to Taiwan--are located roughly due east of Mainland China, northeast of Taiwan, west of Okinawa Island, and north of the southwestern end of the Ryukyu Islands.
MAY 25 Venus shines just below the thin crescent Moon in early dawn, low due east.
Louis sits on the banks of the Mississippi River, where it's about a 400-yard swim due east to Illinois.
The well is due east of the Eugenia well, drilled last year in the Pelican block, and is targeting a 169 Bcf prospect according to the operator Petroceltic International plc.