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the date on which an obligation must be repaid

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We are excited to expand the availability of Due Date Plus to more women across the United States-especially those who need it the most," said Leah Sparks, co-founder and CEO of Wildflower Health.
According to the Municipal Utility Services Charges and Tax Department the due date for division-W and industrial consumers is November 25.
For C corporations, the new due date is the 15th day of the fourth month following the close of the corporations year.
Whatever your due date is, remember: get regular prenatal check-ups; take prenatal vitamins; eat a baby-healthy diet (you're eating for 1.
Continually review the due date tracking system to ensure that the firm meets any impending due dates the system identifies.
Do you think Kate Middleton is really pregnant and has a due date in August?
Early/Tardy problem with common due date that considers a situation where several items represent a single customer's order or they might be part of a final product and all the parts should be ready at the same time for the final assembly to avoid undesired delay (Khader, 2008).
Federal credit unions do not have to inform members about courtesy periods after due dates on open-end accounts, NCUA Associate General Counsel Sheila Albin wrote in a recent opinion letter.
But the chances of having a second child on the due date is even rarer.
Second, if the due date of a return falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday and the taxpayer files a valid extension for the return but fails to file its return by the extended due date, for purposes of the "three year plus extensions" lookback period of Sec.
The IRS also clarified that the statement in Notice 2005-88 encouraging taxpayers to file waiver requests at least 45 days before the due date of the return, including extensions, is not intended to impose a mandatory requirement, but is only a suggestion.
At MBNA, a customer incurs a late charge only if the payment is not posted by the day after the due date, so a payment that meets the above criteria and arrives at any time on the due date will be considered on time.
The approach used in many firms is to release jobs to the floor well in advance of the due date with the notion that the jobs will flow through work centers in sufficient time to meet the due date.
The New York City Economic Development announced that it has extended the due date for a number of Request for Proposals issued by the EDC on July 20.
Then the Oklahoma man stumbled across an old book with a Ventura County library card stamped with a 1944 due date.