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The statistics emerged after Fianna Fail's finance spokesman Michael McGrath demanded Justice Minister Alan Shatter reveals how much dud cash has been in circulation since 2010.
But to this day, the Army is continuing to experiment and test a "mixed belt" of its existing 40 mm target practice cartridges, the M385 and M918, to reduce dud rates and toxic leaching.
For more information on treatment of patients with co-morbid AUDs and DUDS, see the article byArias and Kranzler, pp.
Just in time for the holiday season, Cuddl Duds is introducing a new line featuring lycra spandex with stretch.
But when it comes to making decisions based on incomplete or contradictory information - let's can that "thinking" - they are duds.
Beloved for their fresh made omelets served in skillets, Lou Mitchell's also carries on the time-honored tradition of serving donut holes to their customers waiting in line and Milk Duds for the ladies.
NO DUDS: Neil Callan and Wi Dud deliver the goods at York
With $100 gift certificates in hand, 25 children picked through aisles of clothes, searching for the perfect duds Aug.
Throw in the tunicle, dalmatic, cope, buskins, mitre, pallium, succinctorium, and fanon worn by various clerics from deacons to the pope, and you had quite a wardrobe of liturgical duds.
Spare the 'rents the piercing anxiety, and bare that toned tummy with a pretty belly chain, which will add spice to even your favorite summer duds.
Burbank, California; 818-567-7366) features barely worn designers duds.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- Kid Duds, the Cannon Falls- based children's clothing company with annual sales of $35 million in 1995, has been purchased by Smith McDonnell Stone & Co.
However, these Lilliputian duds are no play clothes.
Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the Duck(R) brand duct tape Stuck at Prom(R) Scholarship Contest gives couples the opportunity to win a $5,000 scholarship by attending prom dressed in duct tape duds.
With $100 gift certificates in hand, about 100 children picked through aisles of clothes, searching for the perfect duds Aug.