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In contrast, ductules are present circumferentially around the HGDN because it lacks invasive growth.
Expression of aquaporins in the efferent ductules, sperm counts, and sperm motility in estrogen receptor-alpha deficient mice fed lab chow versus casein.
Aqueous-deficiency dry eye is either Sjogren (primary or secondary) or non-Sjogren (lacrimal gland deficiency, lacrimal gland ductule obstruction or systemic treatment).
TAA rats treated with 50 mg/kg NAC (Group E, Table 1B) showed extensive proliferation of bile ductules in the portal track with hepatocytes showing marked regeneration.
A trial of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) is advised to improve the cholestasis and protect regenerating bile ductules.
Given adequate uncomplicated surgery exposing enough ductules, the question is: can more be done to improve the chances of eventual success?
Ectasia of the rete testis is an idiopathic, benign condition that may be associated with partial or complete obstruction of the efferent ductules, leading to cystic dilatation.
Histopathology showed proliferation of stromal connective tissue which surrounded the ductules in a circumferential pattern (pericanalicular type), stroma containing dense fibrous and collagenous tissue admixed with loose fibroblastic tissue, (Fig.
Milk travels from the alveoli, via ductules, into the lactiferous ducts that open on to the surface of the nipple.
According to this rule, if the diameter of the ducts and ductules exhibiting a DCIS pattern is smaller than 2 mm, the lesion is categorized as an AIDH [3].
Seminiferous follicle development spreads from a germinal zone across the diameter of the testicles to the opposite wall, where the efferent ductules form a manifold collection system to receive spermatozoa (Fig.
The efferent ductules start from each testicle, forming the epididymal ducts after converging, which are elongated and convoluted (CABRAL et al.
But in situations where the hepatocytes are prevented from dividing, and in some disease states, other cells derived from the terminal bile ductules and called oval cells, appear, and these are capable of providing both biliary epithelium and hepatocytes (18,19).
Their drainage is via several efferent ductules which open to form the head of the epididymis.
In this review, a role of estrogen in the efferent ductules of the male reproductive tract will be mainly discussed.