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Aqueous-deficiency dry eye is either Sjogren (primary or secondary) or non-Sjogren (lacrimal gland deficiency, lacrimal gland ductule obstruction or systemic treatment).
108) The ultimate goal of the procedure is to allow drainage of bile from the liver into the Roux limb via microscopic ductules in the portal plate.
The excurrent ducts are further divided into the efferent ductules (EDs), epididymis, and vas deferens (Figure 3).
5 pm wide, with single inner ductule arising medially, most ductules swollen proximally; frequent throughout.
Contrary to blood flow, bile movement occurs from Zone 3 to Zone 1 via a separate route (bile caniculi to canals of Hering to bile ductules to portal bile ducts.
This type causes the ductules and ducts to become inflamed, causing further local effects: a breast that is swollen, hard, tender and hot.
86) Last, chronic ethanol intake may enhance pancreatic juice, with a higher protein concentration that may plug the small ductules and cause pancreatitis.
Exhibit in vivo-like response of the in vitro produced ductules to secretin and cAMP
Excessive production results in collection of foam in the tear film and the meibomian gland ductules are dilated and easily expressed (Figure 2).
Canalicular bile accounts for approximately 75% of the daily bile production in humans and is modified by both secretory and absorptive processes as it passes along the bile ductules and ducts.
In summary, the post-operative volume of bile flow is probably related to the size of bile ductules at the porta hepatis, while the long-term quality of survival in those with adequate bile flow depends on the severity of secondary liver damage at the time of surgery and the incidence and severity of post-operative cholangitis.
It is thought that pancreatic acini in infants with CF are capable of producing trypsinogen, but ductules are blocked, preventing trypsinogen from reaching the small intestine to be converted to trypsin, hence leading to 'spillage' into the circulation.
22,23,37) This marker stains nearly 100% of the MECs associated with normal breast ductules and benign breast proliferations, as well as vascular smooth muscle.
These lesions are typically cystic dilatations of tubules of the efferent ductules in the head of the epididymis.
In addition, by 26 nun the embryo develops first-order ductules of the parotid primordium, which lies next to the masseter muscle, and several branches of the facial nerve course superficial to it.