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They make it easy to spot ducting problems because the static pressure at a known blower speed will change significantly.
Also, polymer residues accumulate inside exhaust ducting and cause blockage.
Accumulation of residues can't be completely avoided, but good ducting layout helps reduce the time required for cleaning.
Again, hold use of flexible ducting to an absolute minimum, and never use flexible ducting for 90[degrees] bends.
MPC is best known as a specialist in injection molded and extruded ducting and fluid-handling parts.
SIG Blowtec supplied horizontal 3D molding machines to Yangzhou Auto Plastic Parts in Yangzhou to make air-intake ducting and to Shenyang Jinbei Automotive Co.
Molder Steere Enterprises in Tallmadge, Ohio, portrays its patented Dual Process Overmolding (DPO) process as an alternative to 3D blow molding in air-induction ducting.
Multi-material ducting made with DPO is our fastest-growing sector," declares David Curtiss, Steere's technical director.
Several engineering-resin suppliers are developing materials for 3D ducting.
Air ducting for turbo-charged vehicles is a high-growth sector of the automotive market.
LLCs contain aggressive chemicals that cause pitting and other defects in ducting made of metal or plastics having insufficient chemical resistance.