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Synonyms for ductile

capable of being shaped, bent, or drawn out, as by hammering or pressure

Synonyms for ductile

easily influenced


capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out

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Because early equipment was designed to install cable and small-diameter pipe, HDD technology wasn't initially considered as an option for installing ductile iron pipe.
The presenters also discussed special applications of ductile iron, including austempered, high silicon molybdenum and compacted graphite iron.
The installation of 100 meters of ductile iron pipe DN 300 mm,
Centreville Road - replacement of 1,494 feet of 51 year old ductile iron pipe and one fire hydrant
About DIPRA: The Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association provides accurate, reliable engineering information about ductile iron pipe to a wide variety of utility and consulting engineers.
3% SiC to the base iron was the most efficient metallurgical additive for increasing the nucleation potential (nodule count) in ductile iron, reducing under-cooling tendency and upgrading tensile properties, primarily percent elongation.
In addition, says Carpenter, ductile iron pipe is just as suitable for installation by directional drilling and pipebursting procedures as is HDPE and PVC pipe, and in some respects may be even better suited for trenchless installations than plastic materials.
Duncan Frazer, CEO of FT Ductile Ltd, commented: "It is necessary that pipe networks are made as resistant as possible to reduce the necessity for regular pipe maintenance in the future.
The transaction will see Wescast acquire 100% of Georgia Ductile for approximately $70 million (US).
13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ductile iron pipe, the durable and environmentally friendly choice for water utilities around the world, earned the coveted SMaRT (c) Sustainable Product Certification, an independent rating system for the sustainability of a product throughout its life cycle, the Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA) announced today.
During this $254,000 project, PSW replaced six-inch cement main with eight-inch ductile iron main on 9th Street between Simpson Avenue and the Ridley Creek.
This effort involves using modern designs when installing water and wastewater pipelines and ductile iron pipe will be a major component.
When welded, ductile iron is liquefied in the welded area and may solidify with a carbidic structure in the fusion zone that limits the toughness of the weldment.
DIS concentrates its efforts on ductile iron technology pertaining to production, properties and applications.