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You have to think of it as actually Ducky saying it,'' Bruins junior offensive lineman Shannon Tevaga said.
Although he was very well-mannered yesterday, Ducky is usually very noisy, his owner said.
The bell had hardly stopped ringing when Ducky let one fly - and Sowden forgot to duck.
Hazard: The Robbie Ducky Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas glitter tumblers contain excessive levels of aerobic microbes in the water contained within the walls of the tumblers, thereby failing the bacteriological standards for U.
The cast of dinosaur characters includes Littlefoot(TM), the lovable long-neck Apatosaurus; Cera(TM), the feisty three-horn Triceratops; Ducky, the naive duckbill swimmer Saurolophus; Petrie(TM), the comic flyer Pterodactyl; Chomper(TM), the newly hatched friendly fearless Tyrannosauraus; and Spike the ravenous spiketail Stegosaurus.
Just Ducky Tours is owned and operated by Michael E.
Verizon Wireless customers can find Baseball Heroes of the MLBPAA and DChoc Bubble Ducky in the getGAMES shopping aisle in the Get It Now virtual store.
This year the Chicago Moving Company helped support the Special Olympics by getting involved with the Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby charity drive.
Frelang also created famous Looney Tunes characters Bugs Bunny, Tweety and Daffy Ducky.
We have things like watermelon-eating contests and rubber ducky races in the creek.
Technology solutions and e-commerce provider Pierpoint-Martin announces its involvement in the community to prevent child abuse through the sponsorship of the 11th Annual Mighty Rubber Ducky Derby.
That ducky will help the privately held company make $60 million this year, a 25 percent growth rate over 2004.
There will also be guest DJs - DJ Positive, DJ 45, DJ Alfonzo Hunter and Ducky Ranks.
Folks who paid $5 per duck for the race lined the course between the Autzen Footbridge and the Ferry Street Bridge to see if they had the winning rubber ducky.
Her entry showcased the smart talents of her English Bulldog Ducky and won the exciting choice of $15,000 cash or a smart car plus smart pet bragging rights.