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an official prosecutor for a judicial district

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Vestigial feature: One thing that many owners liked about the old BMW X5 was the little ducktail design on the tailgate.
Brilliantine was essential to maintaining the gravity-defying men's hairstyles of the 1950s: the exaggerated ducktail of the Bodgie and Elvis's engorged cowlick.
On 18 July, 1953, a lanky teenager with a dark blonde ducktail quiff that flopped into his eyes walked into the Memphis Recording Service, run by former disc jockey Sam Philips, the founder of Sun Records.
pounds 380NIP to Norfolk and relax in traditional brick and flint cottage Ducktails in South Creake, 15 minutes' drive from the north Norfolk coast.
Today, ducktails have flattened to $9 fades and his clients are mostly Hispanic.
HAIR: From pompadours to pageboys, ducktails to dreadlocks, afros to perms - how we fix our hair says a lot.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- Get ready to grease up your ducktails and tease out your beehive when Special Olympics Southern California (SOSC) honors the internationally renowned actress, model, author and diva, Miss Piggy at the 2005 Pier Del Sol, Rock 'N the Pier on Sunday, October 9, 2005.
Remember poodle skirts, ducktails, leather jackets, sock hops, drag racing?
Their male counterparts more and more will gravitate toward a retro-'50s look, opting for ducktails, slick hair and sideburns.
Try these: Ducktails, St Catherine; Joanna Newsome, Divers Rating .