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an official prosecutor for a judicial district

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On 18 July, 1953, a lanky teenager with a dark blonde ducktail quiff that flopped into his eyes walked into the Memphis Recording Service, run by former disc jockey Sam Philips, the founder of Sun Records.
Ducktail on body's trailing edge also helps achieve drag coefficient of 0.
Among the features of the DT22 are an extra steep ducktail to retain loads on steep grades and the long-life wear resistant body with an extra steep dump angle that assures clean discharge.
It's about Stuart Sutcliffe, John Lennon's art-school buddy, who was the band's original bass player, and about Astrid Kirchherr, a young photographer in Hamburg who became romantically entwined with Sutcliffe, in the course of which she changed his hair from an Elvis ducktail to a pixie do like her own.
It features a long wheelbase, low-slung body and a compact rear end, the front of the vehicle uses a protruding shark-nose design that carries over to the car's front wheel arches, and BMW's iconic kidney grille with vertical bar slats replaced by designed mesh The rear rear of the Concept Z4 has a wide and low look created by thin L-shaped taillights and a pronounced lower fascia, an integrated ducktail spoiler, vertical air vents and dual exhaust outlets integrated into a carbon fibre diffuser.
The striking SportDesign front apron with its unique spoiler lip and the rear spoiler fixed in position like the legendary ducktail on the 1973 Carrera RS 2.
There, we came upon a thin man with a goatee in his mid-twenties dressed in a sleeveless white T-shirt, his black hair slicked back to a ducktail.
Joining Grave are two new unlockable characters: Juji Kabane, a blind, foul-mouthed, and perpetually angry swordsman who wears a shabby overcoat and carries a pair of gunblades, and Rocketbilly Redcadillac, a rock star who wears a red riding jacket and sports a slick ducktail.
The vehicle features an angled rendition of the company's kidney grilles, wing-like headlights, a bulging bonnet and tall rear end with a ducktail spoiler.
It has a lower front line, lower sills, reverse blade and shock wave on the side but at the back it has a more rounded cabin area and a sort of ducktail on the boot which pulls the whole thing together over wide arches.
George Lucas' high school, the inspiration for the world of sock hops and ducktail haircuts in ``American Graffiti,'' was damaged in an electrical fire.
The model features a long, low shape with a sloping roofline that flows into a small ducktail spoiler on the rear deck, four small squared-off units and a significant bulge over the wheel arches.
Cheeseman -- a 50s-style character outfitted in Converse high-tops, a Real California Cheese letterman's jacket and ducktail hair style -- will be cruising up and down California and Nevada in a special Real California Cheese PT Cruiser, making guest appearances at pizza places, radio stations and special events.
The model is available with elements borrowed from the concept including the protruding nose, double-bubble roof, jet fighter-style design, muscular rear wheel arches, ducktail boot lid and new liftback.
And then there was the Pat Boone look, which I sort of fell into, since the ducktail (hairstyle) didn't work on me,'' he laughed.