ducking stool

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an instrument of punishment consisting of a chair in which offenders were ducked in water

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Organisers hope the theme of the play area will be in line with the history of the village, which once saw ducking stools and stocks used on witches.
Members of Thurlaston Parish Council are hoping to create a children's play area in Stocks Lane with swings, slides, a climbing frame and a ducking stool.
The Puritans put them in stocks or ducking stools, but no punishment seemed to have the desired effect of preventing gossip, which has continued uninterrupted across the back fences of the centuries.
And people should refrain from certain kinds of gossip that might be harmful, even though the ducking stool is long out of fashion.
Charlotte Church, whose very name conjures up visions of pastoral England with harvest festivals, the thwack of leather on willow and ducking stools on every village green, this week reportedly sacked her mum.
But as it is with public floggings and ducking stools, some "traditions" are time-expired and need to die.
Yet the calls for burning stakes and ducking stools are not audible.
Mechanisms for regulation, such as ducking stools and burning at the stake, sprang up when their predictions conflicted too widely with official spin.
Once it was only women in ducking stools who had that kind of intuition.