ducking stool

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an instrument of punishment consisting of a chair in which offenders were ducked in water

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From the Iron Maiden, the Guillotine, and the Scavenger's Daughter to the Ear Chopper, the Thumbscrew, and the Ducking Stool, "Infernal Device" reveals the fundamental brutality of torture devices and is strongly recommended to the attention of those who are engaged on either side of the current national debate over the complex issues involved with waterboarding and other means of 'harsh interrogation'.
Witless wonder: Viewers loved Tony as Baldrick in the First World War Blackadder' Digging up the past: Tony in Time Team' Worst jobs in history: Tony as artist's model, testing ducking stool and cliffside egg collector
And people should refrain from certain kinds of gossip that might be harmful, even though the ducking stool is long out of fashion.
Did you know that the Albert Dock was the first fire-proof warehouse in the world, or that a ducking stool once stood over a pool at the entrance to the Queensway tunnel to punish petty criminals?
Something of an outsider in a village where the summer fair with its modern equivalent of a medieval ducking stool is as exciting as it gets, her eyes are opened by the swashbuckling journalist from the local paper.
The last ducking stool to be used in Cardiff was erected on the east bank of the River Taff, near the north side of Cardiff Bridge, more popularly known as Canton Bridge.
The pub will be selling hot Haggis 'n Neeps Pies in whisky gravy for customers, and charging pounds 2 to knock the manager, Paul Smith, off a ducking stool into a freezing pond.
And yet it was all Fulham, who are throbbing with self-belief right now, a team so far greater than the sum of its parts that Hodgson should be plonked on a ducking stool and accused of witchcraft.
The last person to pilfer anything - three brace of pheasants, I believe - was horse-whipped within an inch of his life and dragged screaming, tied behind a horse and cart before being placed in the parish ducking stool.
Look out too for the town's original ducking stool, a gruesome reminder of how what passed for justice was once administered.
Just as the odds were tipped against the poor witches on the ducking stool, so the audience and participants on The Jeremy Kyle Show are primed like human ticking bombs to explode to order.
BAD NUDES:; The Artist's Model was strung up, and the Petardier's assistant had to light the fuse on the bomb; WHAT A SUCKER: The; poor old fish wife often ended up on the ducking stool for her sins and the Fuller trampled wool in stale urine to soften the wool
Members of Thurlaston Parish Council are hoping to create a children's play area in Stocks Lane with swings, slides, a climbing frame and a ducking stool.
There will be more than 80 stalls including a ducking stool, companion dog show, Rugger Ratz rugby for the young ones and Go Cycling a learning to ride free Metro sponsored event.
40) having beaten fellow trainer David O'Meara in the Jack Berry House Trainers Charity Race at Catterick a couple of weeks ago, and in The Ducking Stool he has a mount with the right credentials to go close.