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a boardwalk laid across muddy ground

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From the duckboard, the biologists opened a stretcher.
If this is something you really want then I would suggest painting a new duckboard.
Continue in this direction, until you reach a stile with a left pointing footpath arrow before a duckboard footbridge.
The excavation uncovered duckboard and items such as fuses and shrapnel balls, indicating that the troops trained against a background of artillery fire.
The sight of that brave under-age boy lying on the duckboard shook me rigid.
He does it again, only this time he slips on the duckboard and stumbles into the ooze.
Hung on duckboard paneling about 8 feet above the ground, the plants are hard to reach but frequently thirsty, so they're on an automatic drip-irrigation system.
Matwalk (larger strips) and Nero Stop (thin strips) are vinyl duckboard matting designs in a range of colours.
She also has a slatted duckboard, toothbrush beaker, soap dishes, towel rails and a ladder (the ideal alternative to a conventional towel rail).
So often a muddy dive with duckboard walkways, stable staff loathe this place like no other.
Six volunteers laid down wire netting on duckboards on a public footpath between Honley and Brockholes which had become unsafe.
Wooden pallets were used as duckboards for the floor of the trench and the trench was built up by stacking lots of the pallets on top of each other with poles to support the sides.
Duckboards take us through a plantation to a stile in a wire fence.
They are carrying duckboards to lay on the muddy floor of trenches as they move forward to new positions following a German strategic retreat.