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having a beak resembling that of a duck


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The most common dinosaurs in North America between 75 and 65 million years ago, duck-billed dinosaurs were gentle giants, about 12 meters long, and filled the same ecological role that kangaroos or deer play today.
Known as Australia's Galapagos, not only does it have its own sub species of kangaroo, but rare animal, bird and marine life, including koala bears, the shy duck-billed platypus and sea lions.
The Swans performed more like raging duck-billed platypuses, snapping away at the home attackers, denying me a two-bag return.
In 2008, our field crew unearthed a wealth of fossils in southern Alberta, including a remarkable duck-billed dinosaur that had more than its bones preserved.
He also wore a yellow Duck-billed whistle around his neck.
So we find that eggs, fish, mushrooms and milk are like the duck-billed platypi of the food classification world.
From field mice to the duck-billed platypus, the book is replete with photos of the animals.
Peter is a bronzed surfer played on a piccolo trumpet, his friend is now a laughing kookaburra played on a soprano saxophone, and the duck has become a duck-billed platypus whose pleasant theme is played on the bassoon.
Dr Mike Simms, head of palaeontology at the museum, said it was great to have the duck-billed dinosaur back where it belonged.
Earlier this year scientists unravelled the genome sequence for another uniquely Australian animal, the duck-billed platypus.
Scientists have long wondered about the purpose of the strangely shaped head gear worn by duck-billed dinosaurs, big plant-eating beasts that walked on two legs.
The duck-billed dinosaur hypacrosaurus had a growth rate three to five times faster than any of its predator enemies.
The dinosaur turned out to be a hadrosaur, a duck-billed herbivore from the Cretaceous period and the remains are so detailed that they give paleontologists an enormous fund of information on how these creatures looked, moved and ran.
The first analysis of the genome sequence of the duck-billed platypus was published today by an international team of scientists, revealing clues about how genomes were organized during the early evolution of mammals.
Gryposaurus monumentensis was a giant among duck-billed dinosaurs - and seriously equipped for chomping.