duck hunting

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hunting ducks


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I always had a passion for duck hunting before that moment, but watching that many birds light into a small hole in the woods was the biggest rush I had ever had while hunting.
This is where they are going to spend the days of their season, either waiting and wondering why the ducks aren't here, or enjoying what duck hunting is as they fire through the trees.
Duck hunting is sitting on the slough with your dog whining.
Personally, last season was as good as it could probably be on specks while the duck hunting was the polar opposite.
Photo: (1) RoboDuk, a motorized duck decoy, has caused a stir among traditional hunters, who feel it takes the sport out of duck hunting.
That uniqueness is what drives the duck hunting tourism industry and provides a great economic boost during the 'off' agricultural season.
The property's duck hunting club and on-premises pro shop add to the range of amenities.
We caught up with Brian recently to get his take on Louisiana duck hunting, his hometown, and why the bayou is so endearing to so many.
Then to patch things up, Mark goes duck hunting with Bo, who picks him up dressed in full fatigues.
Coming off a more than satisfactory duck season and hoping for another, we are proud to present the fifth annual edition of Greenhead, The Arkansas Duck Hunting Magazine.
It was there, in the headwaters basin that my Peru duck hunting adventure began with a successful spot-and-stalk for a handsome pair of huallata, or Andean geese.
Every available inch of space in her store is crammed with inventory: scarecrows, bags of grain and bird seed, nails, screws, washers, paint, overalls, duck hunting camouflage clothing, woolen shirts, work boots.
I am proud that when you ask my oldest daughter Ellison what sports she is going to play she says golf, basketball and duck hunting.
Around 2 million snow geese fly to the refuge every February, not to mention the superb duck hunting each fall, so we hope the powers that be come to their senses.
The tidal flat was walled off from the ocean in the 1890s by a duck hunting club.