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Duck hunter experience and exposure to avian influenza (H5N1), Georgia, USA, November 17, 2007-March 27, 2008 Years of hunting, no.
One 39-year-old duck hunter had a titer of 40, and 2 male DNR workers, ages 52 and 53, had titers of 10 against influenza A/H11N9/duck/Memphis/546/76 by microneutralization assay (Table).
Incredibly realistic colors and flocked beak to tail, this latest intro by Bill Willroth provides the durability and ruggedness duck hunters expect.
Gartner's transition from a dyed-in-the-wool duck hunter to an upland fanatic resulted from more than owning a good GSP.
The controversy prompted Dustin McDaniel to wade in on the issue, not in his official capacity as Arkansas attorney general but as a concerned duck hunter who grew up in northeast Arkansas.
Or I could have told him for someone like me, who's a duck hunter first and deer hunter second, tomorrow morning in the blind could be something special when the rear guard of the grand passage moved through.
Fish and Wildlife Service, the Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service and the City of Clarendon (population 1,300) whose mayor, Jim Stinson, is also an avid duck hunter and fisherman on the Cache River.
That way everyone at the boat launch knows how big time a duck hunter you are.
Occasionally, we will sit back and let one of the monster flocks land to watch and listen--a truly unique experience every duck hunter should have.
The anticipation of the retriever bringing back a duck with that little silver leg band shining in the sun makes even the most veteran duck hunter feel like a kid at Christmas.
Accordingly, to be successful at bagging them, hunters must ``think like a duck hunter,'' Massey said.
But it doesn't necessarily prove you're a hard core duck hunter.
Rare is the duck hunter who hasn't endured a slow morning in a rice field while listening to profuse gunfire emanate from a neighboring field.
As the grass goes, the ducks go," says Hart, a veteran game warden and long-time duck hunter from southern Virginia.
All that factors in the average, and although it seems sketchy that an Arkansas duck hunter only averages 13 mallards all season, that's the only number we have to go on based on what the FWS releases.