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the domain controlled by a duke or duchess


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But these criticisms fall before the fact that the noble catholic, apostolic, and Roman religion is still erect in Brittany and in the ancient duchy of Alencon.
This man was Armand Jean Duplessis, Cardinal de Richelieu; not such as he is now represented--broken down like an old man, suffering like a martyr, his body bent, his voice failing, buried in a large armchair as in an anticipated tomb; no longer living but by the strength of his genius, and no longer maintaining the struggle with Europe but by the eternal application of his thoughts--but such as he really was at this period; that is to say, an active and gallant cavalier, already weak of body, but sustained by that moral power which made of him one of the most extraordinary men that ever lived, preparing, after having supported the Duc de Nevers in his duchy of Mantua, after having taken Nimes, Castres, and Uzes, to drive the English from the Isle of Re and lay siege to La Rochelle.
the Germans are so great and powerful, that it is hardly credible--But let us not forget the old proverb: 'The finest county is Flanders; the finest duchy, Milan; the finest kingdom, France.
And the Duchy has said it is now targeting further commercial property investment in Merseyside.
Designed by Hannah Brend, the restaurant is now open for business at the Royal Duchy Hotel in Falmouth.
THE Prince of Wales' principal private secretary has hit back at MPs' suggestions that the tax arrangements of Charles's Duchy of Cornwall estate make it a "medieval anomaly".
AN ANTI-MONARCHY group is launching a campaign to "abolish" the Duchy of Cornwall in what it says is an attempt to make the Royal Family more accountable.
20 December 2011 - Franco-Belgian banking group Dexia SA (EBR:DEXB) has agreed to sell its Luxembourg-based unit to Qatari investor Precision Capital and the State of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the parties announced in a joint statement today.
In a decision that could have farreaching consequences for Prince Charles' other private business interests, the Duchy of Cornwall has been ordered to hand information concerning the environmental impact of the Port Navas oyster farm in Cornwall to local campaigner Michael Bruton, who claims that the farm is causing damage to the natural habitat.
Meanwhile, TV chef Heston Blumenthal is back on TV screens next week to promote Waitrose's Duchy Originals range.
Her Duchy of Lancaster estate, which provides an income for the monarch that she uses to pay allowances to other members of the Royal Family including Princes Andrew and Edward, along with Princess Anne, fell in value from 399 million pounds to 322 million pounds in accounts published on Monday.
PRINCE Charles has axed seven jobs at his Duchy organic food firm as the recession bites.
Income generated by the Duchy of Cornwall rose by 7% to pounds 16,273,000.
Twenty years ago, the Prince established an 'experiment' at the Duchy Home Farm in Gloucestershire by converting it to organic production.
Duchy Originals is to start selling the traditional pastries at Waitrose supermarkets.