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the domain controlled by a duke or duchess


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But these criticisms fall before the fact that the noble catholic, apostolic, and Roman religion is still erect in Brittany and in the ancient duchy of Alencon.
He became Treasurer of the Exchequer, Speaker of the House of Commons, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and last of all Lord Chancellor of England.
But the place was shut up by Barbara, Aurelius XV's widow, a severe and devout Princess of the House of Bolkum and Regent of the Duchy during her son's glorious minority, and after the death of her husband, cut off in the pride of his pleasures.
Then we are informed that the Queen will get a whopping 18% rise from the Duchy of Lancaster, which will give her an increase of PS2.
THE Queen's income from her private Duchy of Lancaster estate has risen by almost a fifth to PS16m.
BACK IN BLACK Michelle Rodriguez and Kate Hudson THE Queen is set for an inflation-busting 18 per cent pay rise after the Duchy of Lancaster made record profits.
The Duchy also has duties, overseeing the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund for local causes and the upkeep of the Queen's Chapel of the Savoy in Central London.
THE Duchy of Lancaster has acquired two commercial properties at Estuary Commerce Park in South Liverpool in a deal worth PS10.
The China Merchants Bank expressed its wish to set up its European HQ in the Grand Duchy.
Hundreds of residents have been sent letters saying the heir to the throne can dig for minerals beneath them in his Duchy of Cornwall.
THE Treasury is "not doing enough" to scrutinise the financial transactions of the Prince of Wales' estate, according to a hard-hitting report on the Duchy of Cornwall's affairs published today.
THE Prince of Wales's principal private secretary has hit back at MPs' suggestions that the tax arrangements of Charles's Duchy of Cornwall estate make it a "medieval anomaly".
Clarence House defended the Prince of Wales's finances yesterday over claims the Duchy of Cornwall is a "well entrenched tax avoidance scheme".
CLARENCE House defended the Prince of Wales' financial arrangements yesterday after he was reported to authorities over claims the Duchy of Cornwall is a "well entrenched tax avoidance scheme".
I have found a few houses that look interesting, but a couple of them are on Duchy Land.