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the domain controlled by a duke or duchess


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In further letters to the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster, Mr Leigh said his committee had a statutory duty to inspect the Duchies' accounts.
In its response to the committee's report last year, the Treasury said, 'The Duchies were established for the sole purpose of providing an income for the sovereign and heir to the throne.
The tax treatment of the Duchies must be seen in this context alongside that of their beneficiaries.
The Duchies should follow public sector good practice and comply with the same disclosure requirements as most other accounts presented to Parliament.
The second part of the study moves forward in time to see the changes wrought upon the Tyrrhenian duchies by the advent of Norman rule.
Skinner's entire study has served to illustrate that landed wealth and trade were crucial to the exercise of power by the leading families of all three of the duchies she examines.
But the prince's private secretary Sir Michael Peat said: "It seems the committee may have misunderstood what the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall are.
The Treasury should review the working of the arrangements whereby surpluses from the two Duchies provide an annual income for the households of the Queen and the Prince of Wales.
Profitable management was not impossible, in places it was achieved, but administrative coherence was wayward with the partial exception of the two Duchies, themselves dispersed.
There are insights on the two duchies, maps and surveys, rents and tenants, coastal defences, concealments and reversions.