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Surely, to encourage more producers to apply to have their pro-I duce protected, the process must: be streamlined, the hurdles re-1 moved and the red tape reduced, This is the only way that Britain has a hope of competing with other EU nations who currently lead the way in proudly stamping their food and drink with the distinctive EU Protected Food Name logo.
Il Duce has a sound record fresh and with King viewing the race as a stepping-stone to next month's Paddy Power Gold Cup, the horse must have been showing most of his old sparkle at home.
He's definitely up there with Il Duce and Kandjar D'Allier.
Mr Budd and Mr Duce, both accountants, joined FHB in 1996 to resolve a number of financial issues facing the family-owned business.
Ian Duce, of previous good character, was only involved at the level of gardener or handyman, said Guy Wyatt.
Il Duce ran a fine race on his first start since May when going down by a neck to L'Antartique in the first major handicap of the jumps season at Cheltenham, the Grade Three Paddy Power Gold Cup at The Open on November 17.
A riveting story of a state figure who went to great lengths to keep his private and public lives separate, who openly stated that he chose "Live dangerously" as his life's motto, and of a family that existed in continual danger of assassination, My Father: Il Duce reveals the human and family side of a complex historical figure.
Il Duce had plans to be interred there himself, in one of the niches vacated by long scattered imperial ashes--given time, he would doubtless have tidied the place up).
Less than a year later, in June 1924, Il Duce complained in analogous terms.
Guard Duce Latui may sneak into the first round, too.
The sheer ingenuity by which anti-Fascists blended "fail-safe" murder plots with spreading baseless rumours about their chief enemy's diseases--Mussolini was supposed to have had a fatal stomach ulcer for 20 years, much as Kaiser Wilhelm II had been purportedly "dying of cancer" back in 1916--encompassed such oddities as a 1928 plot to eliminate the Duce by unilateral germ warfare.
In the mist of his self absorption Duce loses sight of reality and begins to live through his thesis.
LLC, led by Brad Canada, David Simmons and John Duce, purchased the Markhamwood Apartments at 1900 W.
Alan King introduces Il Duce to jumping in the Logistics Link North `National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle at Doncaster today and it would be no surprise if the son of Anshan went in at the first time of asking.
During the Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, China insisted it would set up raids on copyright pirates and significantly re duce its IPR infringements.