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formerly a gold coin of various European countries

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Born on February 16, 1886, Ducat started his career in 1903 by signing for non-league Southend United at the age of 17.
Ducat broke down in tears as he was handcuffed and led from the dock.
From left, watch manager Craig Ducat, firefighter Adam Smith, Rebecca Weatherburn, 9, and Sandra Weatherburn.
Ducat II lies in a central location close to Tverskaya Street and Pushkin Square, approximately three kilometres from Red Square.
Ducat demanded that the authorities guarantee college educations and housing for 145 pupils in the Musmos Day-Care Center he runs, located in the slum district of Tondo, about 10 kilometers away from the standoff.
Ducat, a 56-year-old civil engineer who has staged attention-grabbing stunts in the past, put the pin back in a grenade, handed it to provincial governor, Luis Sing-son, and surrendered as Mr Singson held his arm.
Here, a money changer in Genoa gives Peter, who needs them, 1,000 ducats but not according to the value of the ducat current in Bruges or London, for the value of the ducat there is 50 groats, but in Ghent its value is 52 groats.
Then the Spanish real, the Venetian ducat and the Ottoman sultani.
Builders Sander Field and Edwin Ducat, who have built four nursing homes (321 beds) and two general hospitals (226 beds) in the Philadelphia area, contend the safe limit for mortgage debt is $3,00 per bed.
Leatrice Ducat, of the National Disease Research Interchange, a tissue procurement agency in Philadelphia, agrees.
First, it is a history of Venetian coins: the denaro, quartarolo, three types of silver grosso, gold ducat, silver mezzanino, four types of soldino, tornesello, and other coins from neighboring and competitive mints.
The way to study human disease is to study human tissue," states Lee Ducat, founder and president of NDRI and founder of JDRF (the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).
I would have liked to have seen a better effort on our part today,'' Tahanto coach John Ducat said.
Craig Ducat, watch manager for Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service, and the organiser of the challenge, said: "I used to serve in the Royal Engineers and a number of others organising the main event are ex-servicemen.
as thousands of people gathered around the bus, lighting candles and saying prayers as demanded by hostage-taker Armando Ducat Jr.