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formerly a gold coin of various European countries

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I accept that I should be jailed because what I did was against the law," Ducat said shortly before the stand-off ended.
Jun Ducat and at least one other man taped paper to the windscreen saying they were armed with two grenades, an Uzi assault rifle and a .
It is termed small money changing because the money changer in return for a gold ducat gives the usual money that is current in that country; or, vice versa by giving something less than what he receives.
Liggett-Ducat's brands include LD, Troika, Ducat and Novost and the combination of the businesses enabled the enlarged group to realise cost savings and benefit from the development of Gallaher's existing Russian brands, Sovereign and Sobranie, further strengthening the company's presence in Russia.
GVA Worldwide announced that law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flora LLP has signed a lease at the brand-new office tower Ducat Place III, located at In 6 Gasheka Street in downtown Moscow.
Average ticket price: The stats say the average Dodgers' ducat is about $20 while the Angels' are $18.
Then the Spanish real, the Venetian ducat and the Ottoman sultani.
Builders Sander Field and Edwin Ducat, who have built four nursing homes (321 beds) and two general hospitals (226 beds) in the Philadelphia area, contend the safe limit for mortgage debt is $3,00 per bed.
Leatrice Ducat, of the National Disease Research Interchange, a tissue procurement agency in Philadelphia, agrees.
The way to study human disease is to study human tissue," states Lee Ducat, founder and president of NDRI and founder of JDRF (the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).
Ducat added that NDRI is in the "start-up" phase of the GTEx program and is prepared to move full speed ahead on this new and exciting GTEx initiative.
Craig Ducat, watch manager for Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service, and the organiser of the challenge, said: "I used to serve in the Royal Engineers and a number of others organising the main event are ex-servicemen.
as thousands of people gathered around the bus, lighting candles and saying prayers as demanded by hostage-taker Armando Ducat Jr.
Jun Ducat, who has a history of attention-grabbing stunts, denounced corruption and demanded better lives for the poor children of the Philippines.
It is clear, however, that someone who lends one hundred gold ducats in Genoa would incur a loss if just as many gold ducats, or their equivalent there, were paid him in Bruges, precisely both because he would give more than he received inasmuch as it is the fact that a gold ducat is worth more in Genoa than in Bruges and because he has to undertake the expense of the contracted money to regain it at Genoa where the contract for the loan was made.