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Furthermore, the derogatory epithet "Ze Prequete"--still used in Minas Gerais to refer to someone adept at turning himself into an ostentatious fool--echoes the narrator's self-deprecations, charged with dubiousness about associating himself with events that had a humbling effect on this man.
Roka uses the dubiousness of their production as an excuse, bur this is after all something of a red herring, since these medicines have never been produced according to modern scientific standards--at least not until recently.
But the conversation falters and ends awkwardly on precisely the problem of defining and narrating "success"--alongside Robinson's own dubiousness regarding the relevance of concepts like success to his fiction and career.
only to reverse itself afterwards, and acknowledge the dubiousness of the electoral process-].
To some degree this can be attributed to her frequently and astonishingly clumsy prose, which throughout the book serves, however unintentionally, to either obscure the dubiousness or compromise the validity of an assertion.
There, Soyinka says that in tragedy "illusively hovers the key to the human paradox, to man's experience of being and non-being, his dubiousness as essence and matter, intimations of transience and eternity and the harrowing drives between uniqueness and Oneness" This ambiguity is reflected in the dense temporal knot of A Dance of the Forests, and is certainly one of the "key departures" between Ogun's tragedy and that of Dionysus.
Oddly enough, Robinson himself--obviously aware of the dubiousness of "absolute truth" and the attempt to "singularize"--in his chapter on Sutpen as one of the "writers," says, without qualification: "His adherence to his vision is uncompromising: on his discovery of his first wife's mixed blood, he knows that he could 'let matters take the course which I know they will take and see my design complete itself quite normally'" (63).
The dubiousness of assuming that the gun sales caused the rise in murder
The supposed dubiousness of the male dancer's sexuality is something that comes up even beyond the context of an all-male dance ensemble, the idea being, says Wilkins, that "if a male [was interested in dancing], something may be wrong with [him].
Apart from the constitutional dubiousness of the court's rule, inviting such a reaction seems unwise and is certainly unnecessary.
12) The dubiousness of Boon's racial heritage--he was just as likely to claim himself to be "ninety-nine one-hundredths Chickasaw" as to "offer to fight any man who dared even intimate that he had one drop of Indian blood in his veins" (737)--does not necessarily detract from his status as Native American for this argument.
The utter dubiousness of that contention is reflected in the review's very first sentence, which states that proposed legislation would require physicians to tell pregnant women considering abortions that fetuses feel pain and to offer anesthesia for the unborn.
Like the great Italian poet about whom Feld said his dubiousness and pessimism were constitutional ("Montale"), Feld himself shaped his own unsentimental prose around a constitutional pessimism and dubiousness.
16) Although Bergson acknowledged the dubiousness of his planners' preferences concept (Bergson, 1966b), he continued to defend the idea that adjusted ruble factor cost prices measured opportunity costs (marginal rate of enterprise product transformation) on average, given planners' preferences (Bergson, 1950, 1961, 1995).
They follow below under the headings of volition, fortuity, particularity, transformation, dubiousness, and complexity.